22 Minutes of NEW Back 4 Blood Gameplay

Check out 22 minutes of gameplay of the new Blue Dog Hollow Campaign, which will be playable in the Back 4 Blood beta.

We here at GameSpot got our hands on the upcoming Back 4 Blood beta a little early. For those unaware, Back 4 Blood is the upcoming zombie co-op shooter from Turtle Rock…

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  1. Playing the beta and I’m not going to say it’s entirely bad until the game is officially release hopefully developers don’t pull a CD project Red move on us.

  2. It's definitely a better L4D2 but entertaining value it's not worth $60. Not sure why my friends hyped it up and pre-ordered. If it was like $10 then I might buy it!

  3. Honestly it looks way more calm than L4D. It has less blood and the tension isn’t that high. Graphics are good overall, but I would’ve liked more blood. Even cod zombies has more detail to zombies.

  4. Yall keep talking about how bad this game is
    For 1 its a beta there letting us test it so they can review gameplays and look at complaints so they can make it better
    Add ellis add coach are yall dumb if they add them in the game they get sued
    Be thankful there giving you a left 4 dead 3
    So shut up so unthankful there doing the best they can to make this game good

  5. I hope they have a realism mode just like Left 4 Dead. There's a lot of 1 shot kills in this currently. Shot once in the leg and zombie was dead. I don't like those statistics much.

  6. L4D will always be the best hands down ??? L4d actually makes you feel like you actually playing a zombie game and based on L4D it actually scary wen it comes to the gameplay cuss of the sounds and music basically everything about L4D is one of the best zombie games on my opinion ????‍? and seeing back 4 blood looks like a mixed zombie game that doesn’t bring L4D old days

  7. I hope de gore gets better with multilayered damage limb amputaties guts otherwise its not for me sorry but left for dead looks better with gore effecy

  8. meh..for how long L4D3 took to come out..which c'mon now,that's what this is don't kid yourself..I thought it would look better,have more depth to it by now.

  9. I am more tempted to buy world war z aftermath now they have added 1st person view and more simplistic without the card system and better looking zombies but the game is let down by not having better visuals and reflections and shadows and lighting where back4blood has higher quality visuals but lacks simplistic game play it has to much unnecessary crap added to it and bad looking zombies. That's where l4d done it right just a simple chose your gun and run style play without the other crap to deal with and GOOD ZOMBIE DESIGN

  10. Well, this game isn't going to be fun. They took safe ideas from other games and did nothing original. It's going to contain a couple days of play only to be put on the shelf with every other disappointing release from the past few years. Can't say I blame them for not taking any risks when games cost so much money to develop now.

  11. How can people continuously play mindless zombie horde games like this? Bring back outbreak and weapon scarcity where I don’t feels safe with an automatic weapon and have to use a tire iron to fight off zombies. Psychological thrillers>mindless shootemups… where’s the scarcity? Where’s the desperation that leads to panic and anxiety? Where’s getting separated from the group? Where is ACTUALLY SCARY THINGS? but hey, if you like this, maybe the horror genre is not for you. Even RE is turning into this ?

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