12 Minutes of Black Myth: WuKong UE 5 Gameplay Test Trailer

Check out 12 minutes of new gameplay for Black Myth: WuKong, the action-adventure game developed by Game Science, reveals its newest gameplay test collection today. The video is recorded real-time in Unreal 5 Engine, and supported by NVIDIA DLSS technology.

Black Myth: Wukong is an upcoming…

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  1. Regarding the part of the video that has no English subtitles, here is translation for them for my dear friends who is hyped up for this game!:


    5:22 – 吃斋念佛,诵经打坐 – Be vegetarian and recite Buddha, chant sutras and meditate

    5:25 – 又有几个真的心如止水,清净无为 – How many of them (the gods in Chinese mythology) really settle their minds as still water, keep themselves pure and inactive?

    5:31 – 你看看你 – Just look at yourself

    5:32 – 这大风大雪的,还要这么拼命 – Still torture yourself in such a big blizzard

    5:36 – 一定也是为了那个玩意儿 – Must be for that thing

    5:41 – 你来之前,我算过一卦 – Before you came, I did divination in Gossip

    5:45 – 你猜猜写的是啥? – Guess what it shows?

    5:48 – 动不如静,有才无命 – Quietness is better than movement, talent without destiny

    5:54 – 既要送死,也不拦你 – If you seek to die, then I won't stop you

    5:59 – 小西天土地,在此恭迎天命人 – Xiaoxitian Tudi, here to welcome the Tianming ren

    (Birdhead guy is actually the same kind of gods as the 13-minute demo version of the little Potato-head guy. The area of he is in charge of is Xiaoleiyin Temple. It comes from a place in the 65th chapter of the original Journey to the West. Most of the scenes in this preview are also based mainly here. But this Birdhead god's attitude is obviously indifferent to the other in comparison with the 13-minute version, and even advises the monkey to stay on track and not resist to gods. )


    10:48 – 既见未来,为何不拜 – Now you seen the future, why don't you bow down!

    (Generally speaking, this is related to another literary work about Journey to the West, ‘the biography of Wukong’,don’t know if there is an English version, but strongly recommended it.)

    PS: The end title is “斗罢艰险又出发” which mean Overcome the difficulties and obstacles and set off again, which is a lyric from the theme song of the Chinese Journey to the West TV series.

    PS2: And lastly let me briefly describe the original story of Wukong: Wukong has two masters in the story.

    The first master taught him martial arts and spells, that is, 81 variations. After Wukong learned it, he became very powerful. In the human world, no one can beat Wukong, he ran to the place of the gods in the sky to make trouble, and the gods could not beat Wukong, and finally an invincible god appeared. You only need to know that he is The invincible is right. He is called Tathagata. He subdued Wukong and suppressed Wukong with a mountain.

    500 years later, Wukong met the second master. This master is more like Wukong than the first master. His father, he rescued Wukong from the bottom of the mountain, sew clothes for him with needles and threads, taught him how to behave, and made him rational.

    The story officially begins here. Wukong’s master is the reincarnation of a god. His task is to obtain the human bible and then become a god, but he can only go there on foot. Before he became a god, he was just a human, and he did not know martial arts or magic. So, Wukong escorted him, and met a cute pig demon and a honest river demon on the way. These two people are called Big Brother Wukong, and the four of them walked together, and Wukong rebelled against the master many times on the way.

    In the end, he was moved by the master and became a very rational "monkey". They will experience 81 difficulties on the road, and finally collect the Bible. The four of them finally met the invincible god-Tathagata, and they all became gods.

    This is the story of Journey to the West and i am very glad that game developers adapted story from actual legend itself and put them into game without changing them so much. Just like how God of War take its lore from Greek Myth, Wukong in other words this game also takes its lore from actual Chinese Myth. I am really hpyed to play another take on legendary mythological based on actual lore from east!

  2. This game is based on Journey to the West which is also the inspiration for Dragon Ball. So to me, this looks like a more serious live action video game on Dragon Ball.

  3. The subtitles that start at 9:19 are interesting: Beings of this world and all worlds suffer. Because they indulge themselves and let lusts take over. He's got it all wrong. Now heed my words! Thou shalt kill, lest feuds instill. Thou shalt steal, as decreed by the freewill. Thou shalt commit adultery, for love thrives in debauchery. Thou shalt speak the untruth, to inspire and seduce. Drench in fine wines, to sooth your mind where emotions entwine. Embrace bodily pleasure, for life is short and you have now or never. Find escape in the dreaming, or else this life is not worth living. Ride on the wings of lust, in true wisdom thou shalt trust.

  4. This looks gorgeous and super interesting to see a Journey to the West story in Chinese no less. But I'm not a fan of Souls type games so I hope I don't mind that too much.

  5. I say this fearlessly for I know All will agree with this thought…This game has the potential to be the greatest game made to date. A must play for sure…Maybe a must play 20X's.

  6. The tunes from 11:20 till the end are from the theme song of a 1986 TV series in China. The original song can be found in YouTube by searching "where is the road" — note that the youtube video with "Dao Lang" in the title is a 2011 cover, not original. The Chinese characters on screen at 12:12 actually comes from the lyrics of the song — "Fight through difficulties and dangers and hit the road again", which is kind of the message from the team to us at this point. I have no idea what they fought through, but I am glad they continue.

    What stays with me after the video is not the physics, impact of hits, or even music, all of which are great but not unique enough, but how the culture and philosophy in the original Journey to the West (a Chinese novel published in 1500s with WuKong Sun, aka monkey king, as one of the main characters) are manifested in the game, in a precise form but opposite (maybe?) direction as in the book. Others have mentioned that lots of the buildings and statues in the clip are quite accurately mimicking the ones in China in the real world, but culture is more than looks. The scripts at 9:35 are particularly interesting, and some parts are related with the long-standing philosophical debate in Chinese history among Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. The English translation is by no means bad, but the Chinese version reads more logical and hence is more catchy, though. I hope whoever wrote these scripts has more contributions in shaping the final game.

    I feel that the current English translation of scripts at 9:35 is modified too much and hence loses the original logic. A more literal (not necessarily better) translation: "With the abstinence from taking life, hate will never stop being passed down through generations; with the abstinence from taking what is not given, what differences does it make for me to be strong or weak; with the abstinence from unchastity, anyone with love cannot be bonded for life; with the abstinence from false speech, dreams and hopes are just popping bubbles and emptiness; with the abstinence from alcohol, the tide of worries and fears rises and falls without control; with the abstinence from joyous celebrations, the bloom of youth lasts only instantly before being gone forever; With the abstinence from sleeping comfortably, there is never a temporal relief from the long-standing suffering of this world; with the abstinence from indulgence in lust, there is no joy of life at all no matter what you do."

    "He's got it all wrong. Now heed my words." The literal translation is "If you ask me? Bullshit!" I like the literal better, because not only it opens up the refutation but is closer to the main character who the develop is trying to build up. By the way, although the refutation seems to be stated by WuKong's enemy at 10:46, I would guess that this should be agreed on by WuKong, at least in this game.

  7. The game that inspired the inception of dragon ball which started it all and opened a flood gates of great animes like one piece ,hunterxhunter,bleach ,naruto and etc that have gone on to be the most successful anime series of all time.And it was this game that started the domino effect…

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