Why Battlefield 4 Is So Darn Good

Battlefield 4 servers are filling up again ahead of Battlefield 2042’s release. In this video we take a look at what made BF4 an excellent first-person shooter and why you should give it another shot.

Battlefield 4 has seen a resurgence in popularity ever since DICE’s latest game, Battlefield…

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  1. bf4 was my first battlefield game, then i tried bf2, didnt like it so went back to bf4. Tried hardline beta, HATED IT went back to bf4. Tried bfone, didnt like it so went back to bf4. Tried bf5 betal, liked the construction part, wished it was in bf4 then thinking of bf4 made me go back to bf4 and totally forgot bf5 existed.
    With 2042, id like to get it but… Price is intimidating, i miss the old 40$ price that every game had on release. And so i keep going back to bf4 i chose not to try 2042 at all… Sorry dice but you disappointed me too many times. How about you make bf4 expansion instead? With Russian campaign and Chinese campaign so we get to know who they are and what they stand for. Also new bf4 maps. Could use the Syrian and Ukrainian wars for the Russian campaign while China would have its battles against the US or something like that.
    Edit: I think the reason i keep going back to bf4 is because the Russians dont appear to be the bad guys here and i really enjoy the Russian tanks and guns…. Thing is, i didnt even know most the guns i used were Russian until i looked it up. Such as the aek, the an, the as val and so on. My favorite gun is the ak5c

  2. Currently playing 😆 game still holds up after years, full servers etc. 4 and 1 are the best ones and of course Bad Company games!

  3. I wish I grew up playing battlefield, I got my first battlefield 2 years ago, battlefield V, and I had a great time playing that game even though it was not rated to be that enjoyable by other bf players.

  4. About to jump back in to bf4 after 2042 thoroughly let me down. I let myself get my hopes up and thought it would bring back that feeling of nastalgia. But gaming is corrupt now and every launch for the last year has been one disappointment after another

  5. I love the suppression affects in bf3 and the glair makes it feel more realistic I don’t get why people cry about it and it’s bAttlefield it is and should be serious I don’t get why people have problem with a shooter game being serious it’s war and your shooting people

  6. I feel like BF4 was the last Battlefield that I really enjoyed playing. The customization, the weapons, the maps, the vehicles, the game modes. All far superior than 1,5 & 2042.

  7. This game took my early teenage years away, I don't regret it one bit. I met my online friends on this game shortly after launch. 9 years later we still talk every single day and game atleast once a week. This game was the absolute peak of the BF series and I'm afraid we'll never see something like it again. BC2, 3, 4 and 1 we're all gems that we'll never see again sadly

  8. Dice and EA please just remaster BF4 and stop with the nonsense
    I cant believe I spend 70 bucks on BF 2042 and dont play it. I still prefer , by far, to play BF4

  9. Sometimes, BF3/4 can even have horror game elements to it, especially when you're a alone as an Assault or Recon without explosives, and you're trying to hide from a tank that's actively looking for you. I've had more terrifying moments in BF than any horror game I've played.

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