Warframe New War 30 Minute Gameplay Demo | Tennocon 2021

At TennoCon 2021, we got our first look at Warframe’s next major expansion, The New War. Coming later this year, this new cinematic quest will see the Tenno will face off against the growing force of the Sentients, who have now invaded Earth.
In this extended gameplay reveal, we see the full…

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  1. This update is so amazing, it truly makes you realize that there is a person behind every faction and that they only do what they find to be a just cause, and it shows the important and strength behind all of the factions that aren’t Tenno

  2. My issue with Warframe is that on one hand with all the movements and traversal it begs to be played with a controller but on the other hand with all the aiming, shooting and precision required it's much better with keyboard and mouse… So basically it never feels right with either. I have to chose between good aiming or good maneuverability.

  3. Holy cow, this doesn't look warframe the way I'm used to! I stopped playing in 2017, only got to MR12… Maybe I should start playing again, because this is sooooo different!

  4. I genuinely like Kahl the most, I hope we see more of him in the main story and not as a enemy. He was willing to sacrifice himself for his brothers, He’s the only grineer I want to protect with my life right next to clem

  5. Hallo Vernoc,Den Amar hab ich geschafft, Nira und Boreal sind nicht zu schaffen. So ist man aus beiden Spielen raus. Zurück geht nicht mehr.

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