The Nintendo Switch OLED Model – Who is it for?

Nintendo has announced the Switch OLED Model and some folk are little confused as to it’s intended for. So our very own Kurt Indovina weighs in on the conversation.

While some may have been expecting a Switch Pro with 4K output, others are justifying reasons to upgrade from their current Switch…

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  1. I always loved handhelds all the way back to Gameboy black and and color lol. I been wanting a switch ever since it came out as well as the ps vita but i been stuck on console. I will be getting the new switch model for my daughter.

  2. I dont own a switch but am wanting to get one soon. I am either going to treat myself to the animal crossings edition for my birthday on 9/11 or I can wait a few weeks and try to get the oled (if i can even get my hands on it) which should I do?

  3. My eyesight isn’t so great, So a larger screen is a help. And I got my preorder from GameStop. The employee said that they will be having a special deal for trade in towards switch oled I can get $200 trade in of my Switch V2. And I already have $62 credit. So for me, it makes sense to upgrade

  4. This model is for Nintendo. They postponed a more powerful model due to supply issues after they had already ordered around 15 million oled screens. Instead of keeping all that money wrapped up in those screens sitting in a warehouse until they could begin production on a Switch 2 or whatever, they bought all the remaining Tegra X1 chips (around 30 million) from Nvidia, and released to the Oled model as way to liquidate the remaining hardware. We'll see a Switch Pro or Switch 2 when there are 5 – 7 million X1's left. So, sometime in the next year or two.

  5. Idk if to wait and get the oled one. I've never owned a switch and was gonna get the normal one but a lot of ppl r saying the oled isn't worth it. Hmmm

  6. Which Switch would people recommend for a 4 year old for Christmas? I was looking at the Oled but it’s just if he breaks the screen I know it will be costly to fix.. wondering what peoples thoughts were

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