The Nintendo Switch OLED Everything We Know (So Far)

A new version of the Switch has been announced! No, it’s not the Super Switch, or the Switch Pro, or Switch 2. Instead, it’s the Nintendo Switch… OLED Model. Because it’s got an OLED panel.

But that’s not all! There are a few other features thrown into the mix, and we break down everything we…

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  1. Given the way that console updates sell(PS4 115 million > PS4p 1.5 m) it makes sense that Nintendo would pump out a modest refresh. No mobile chipset can do 4k, power consumption would be atrocious. NSOLED is beautiful… but not quite replacement worthy.

  2. Honestly, it's kind of underwhelming. like I wanted a switch pro with 4k kind of like the big difference between the 3ds and the 3ds xl but it's more of like the ds to the ds light.

  3. this is a joke. The only positive thing is the big screen, all the other 'features' are pathetic, not worth considering buying a new Switch. maybe in 10 years.

  4. Nintendo F’d up by not adding a 4k screen and playable 4k option when docked. I was waiting to get the switch pro, nah! Ill just keep playing with my PS5 and Xbox series X. Like always thanks Nintendo for coming short of everything👍👏

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