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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Review

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword rises again! But this time in HD and with a plethora of quality of life changes that Nintendo hopes will modernize one of the series most divisive titles. Join GI for our official review as we tell you if…

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  1. "And these motion controls worked as well as they did on the wii, meaning they work 85% of the time"
    I will always ALWAYS insist that if you felt the original had clunky controls and didn't respond properly, you weren't playing properly or didn't know how to properly use a wiimote. Even replaying it last year I had 0 issues with the controls.

  2. Sounds like this guy hasn't played either version. " Fi helps you with the press of a button. I wish I had that 10 years ago. " They did that cuz Fi was overly helpful in the original. Gameinformer blows

  3. "The controls feel unnatural…" Actually they are more natural now. What the author of the video might want to convey is that they are "less standarized".

  4. 02:27 What? But she always did… infact it was one of the biggest problems with the original & on the contrary she has been turned down a notch to some extent. So this is incorrect information.

  5. How can they not get motion controls down pat in these days and why not have camera control if not using motion control. I don’t get Nintendo man. It needed remade if was going to bring it back out, I hope they either remake windwaker updated with some new stuff or just make a new toon link game and if gonna bring any other Zelda game out do the links awakening treatment but in its way and style of coarse and on another Zelda unrelated note I want Mario land series remade like links awakening with new stuff in its own way of coarse . I am gonna try this game again tho , I never played it a lot but I do wish the motion controls were a lot better and the free camera when playing with regular controller

  6. So these problems people had with the monition controls I never had. It was so fun flailing my arms around, but to each to their own.

  7. WHAT??? “Fi offers advice at the press of a button now.” SHE ALWAYS DID. This guy didn’t even play the original. This guy’s just here to shit on the motion controls because he couldn’t do it right.

  8. "Stuffed with junk".. Um.. it's not that bad of a game. I fucking love this game.

    Great to have an opinion, I know plenty of people who don't. But to hear someone needlessly trash it constantly (a lot of this stuff was personal nitpicking instead of reviewing it for the general public)

    This guy was REALLY bitchy with his review.

  9. solid analysis. I really enjoyed this game on the Wii. I liked it so much I played it a 2nd time, so I'm not sure I will be picking this up. I probably will eventually though. I enjoyed the motion controls, but admittedly the combat is not as fast and fluid as in previous entries. The dungeons and story are what make this game shine. It's easily the best Zelda game story wise in my opinion, full of likeable characters and actual character development. Don't let this game's hate ruin what should be an enjoyable ride. Yes the overworld is lame compared to Botw or even Wind Waker, but if your looking for a good story, amazing dungeons and a new take on combat, give it a whirl.

  10. It is unfair to the previous Zelda games for saying they’re worse now because botw changed the formula, it’s not bad that botw did but the drawback is people think less of the previous games when before botw they had higher scores

  11. While I think BoTW is an amazing open world game, is so different from Zelda games…. that one could scarcely call it one. Hopefully the 2nd entry will have music, dungeons, more than just 4 items, epic boss fights, etc. I loved Skyward sword, it's one of my favorites.

  12. So I can't fast travel without buying an amiibo!? Im not paying for a game that does bullshit like that. I was going to pick it up today but I'm glad I learned about this. Why haven't I heard any nintendo fans rioting about this horrible game design decision?

  13. ok, someone obviously does not like to put in the work in this game, these "pointless" side quests and puzzles are just a couple of things that have made the Zelda franchise so good, they have been doing them since the very first zelda game, im guessing you know nothing aboubt zelda or you would know this, if i was you, i would take this vid down before too many people see it and realize what a tool you sound like nd how little you know about zelda

  14. Without motion controls, I don't know why anyone would bother with this game. Simplistic, repetitive, easy, and boring in general. I love Ben but the dungeons were the worst part for me. I downloaded Skyward Sword on the Wii U shortly before Breath of the Wild came out. It was so disappointing. Wind Waker and Twilight Princess perfected the Ocarina style. SS was a few steps backwards. BotW was leagues better in every way than SS.

  15. Skyward Sword is actually a lot better than most people realize and eyes are starting to open up. It still has many flaws with regards to back tracking and fetch quests, but the HD version fixes a lot of the pacing issues. Motion controls are really a non-issue if you use them like a regular human being and not like a wild chimp.

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