Stray Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer

Learn more Stray in this gameplay walkthrough trailer. The producer from BlueTwelve studios walks you through different gameplay elements and scenarios. This was shown off during the Annapurna Interactive Showcase. Stray is releasing in early 2022 on Steam, PS5 and PS4.


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  1. There has to be a meow button because behaving like a cat means meowing at everyone for no reason at all, knocking things over, sitting in doorways, destroying furniture and a lot of other things

  2. Could it be ICO with a cat??? Cats are my favourite animals. Consider me sold. Day one buy!
    (also, if this is any indication at all of the kind of soundtrack this game will have then it could very well end up being an all-time fav already.)

  3. Rescue – play as dog
    Companion – play as horse
    Beast – play as bear
    Watcher – play as bird
    Creepy Crawly – play as spider

  4. Do you have 9 lives in this game too?😆 I literally couldnt take my eyes off of the cat for being so impressed at how close to reality it looks, especially within it's movements. When I was a kid I seriously wanted to be a cat to be independent & FREE and they were always a sort of mystical beings in my eyes, cats still are mystifying & beautiful creatures to me 💫 I'm not even a gamer but I'd definitely get into this one! This will be as close as I'll get to that experience, 🐾👏😋

  5. Eu fico na duvida de comprar esse jogo por causa do gato, ou não comprar o jogo por causa de que o jogo aparenta ser um "walk simulator"

  6. Games like "Stray" will make gamers aware about not to torture on stray cats❤️
    Lots of ❤️ & respect for the developers of this game cz for this game gamers will realize that how. difficult the life of a stray cat❤️

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