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Steam Deck Reactions: Valve is Making a PC Gaming HANDHELD!

Valve is making what now? Join Alex Van Aken as he reacts to the newly announced Steam Deck and gives you the lowdown on Valve’s new gaming handheld PC that releases later this year!

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  1. It makes no sense to get a Switch now, if only just if you really want to play Nintendo games. I'm pretty sure regardless of how the controllers feel in the Deck, it will be much better than those disgusting Switch controllers. I'm happy about this announcement and I will definitely get one.

  2. The only real downside is that there's no way to upgrade these things. I'm also a little worried about hitting the trackpads while using the sticks. Love the concept though.

  3. Aren’t PC Elitists too fat to walk around with a HH? Just kidding ya bonks. Looks cheap and sort of dumb. AoE should be a blast on it with the Magnifying Glass accessory. Shit, I wrote this during the ads and did not see the guy in the video and feel bad, but not bad enough to remove the fat shaming joke, because it was a Joke.

  4. Switch clone switch clone switch clone. Valve isn’t creative they have to copy and paste. They can’t even make games anymore they’re tan by sheep now

  5. If it manges reasonable hours of battery life and doesn't become a frying pan forty five minutes into a demanding game then this will be definite buy for me.

  6. VERY excited for this, but I just thought of something… how would docked mode work? would u need a separate controller for that? I mean I guess that would work, but you couldn't take advantage of the extra buttons/pads on the deck if your using a PS controller

  7. You can easily run the latest AAA games from SD-card. Modern SD-Cards are faster than HDD's and some are near as fast as SSD's.

  8. The 512G type is equipped with an anti-glare glass screen, so what is the screen material made of for the 64G and 256G types? Plastic screen? That doesn't sound good 🙁

  9. This is basically a laptop with a 7 inch screen and a portable system that is using software that requires you to be online to play your games?! lol

    There's already cheaper systems out for emulation and the Switch is a far more focusing gaming machine. This is a cool but ultimately niche device that doesn't really have seem to have a place in the gaming market..? Nintendo certainly aint gonna be worried lol

  10. you can install your own nvme drive they all have the same internals
    so buy the cheapest one and crack it oppen and install an m2 nvme it will 100% be cheaper

  11. Glad there is going to be another product to compete with Nintendo and challange them to create better devices and lower the radiculous price tag of £350. I have bought my switch lite for £100 and I would not pay a penny more for it!

  12. the micro sd solution is what is currently being used on switch and its plenty fast. I dont understand why that is a referenced sticking point as a con quite as heavily. I would much rather spend the 20 bucks on a san disc ultra/ extreme to get another 256gb of storage than spend the 129 or 200 dollars to get it in the nvme tbh. The 529 and 600 dollar options are simply to big an ask and price tag for 720p gaming hand held or otherwise in 2021.

    400 with an SD card and simple docking solution with a usb c dock to keep that total cost still around 450 is a much better deal and the one i am going with in my opinion.

  13. Great and exciting for everyone looking for more a powerful piece of tech in the handheld space.

    Unfortunately not something exciting for me because i already own a switch and a gaming laptop. But for the pc market and those who want a gaming pc on the go or a cheaper alternative to gaming laptops this looks like a good buy.

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