Steam Deck Everything We Know

Valve surprised the gaming community this week with the announcement of the Steam Deck, a new foray into dedicated PC gaming hardware.

The portable device bears more than a passing resemblance to Nintendo’s popular handheld-console hybrid, the Nintendo Switch, given its general size and form…

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  1. Everything we know:
    1. Will have to tinker for hours with Retroarch getting games working
    2. It's not a dedicated gaming device after all; "open source" glorified PC
    3. Essentially is a laptop with a 7 inch screen
    4. Battery life will be dialed back to 2 hours aprox.
    5. It's HUGE and HEAVY, not comfortable to use for long
    6. Steam requires online connection to use games with
    7. Stable 60fps and resolution as promised? don't bet on it! 🙂
    8. PC style OS means not a simple games machine, prone to errors and complications
    9. It's sadly not a simple dedicated gaming device like Switch or GT351.
    10. People will buy anything with a brand name on it lol

  2. It's a 1280×800 screen, not 720p. 1.47 pounds isn't going to be noticeable unless one is feeble and infirm. Any USB C hub will work in lieu of the dock.

  3. Dear Valve, please ensure replacable joycons ! Joycons drift after few months, and if we have to return the whole thing, you will get a horrible reputation.

  4. As someone who travels a lot (not as much as of late tho) I can really appreciate this as finding a spot for a laptop and the mouse can be tedious at times

  5. its all about the games!! and Steam has such great cheap deals!!!!!! the amount of money will save with this!!! unless you want to go with Nintendo and always pay higher prices!!!

  6. The only downside to me is that it doesn't use cellular data when your out and about. That was such a missed opportunity. If you have a gaming oc at home you literally have no reason to buy this tbh.

  7. A lot of the setbacks are things im not worried about its not like imma be playing photo-realistic games all the time, plus I've noticed valve kinda.. sits back finds the problems, and reinvents them. I mean think about their vive controllers! that shit was crazy obviously not everyone was excited but it was unique and different, they legit just saw the switch and were like.. yeah we can do better.

  8. Mainly, I'll finally be able to play Sonic Generations on the go 😁 (3DS version doesn't count, different game) since Sega won't port that to switch. Also of course looking forward to play other games I didn't have access to yet as a console gamer.

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