Pokémon Unite Review

Pokémon Unite tries something new with the Pokémon brand and mostly succeeds, albeit with some overzealous microtransactions below the surface.

TiMi Studio Group’s Pokémon Unite is now available on Nintendo Switch. You can read the full written Pokémon Unite review by Jason Fanelli on…

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  1. As a league player this game feels a lot easier to pick up and play, thats not to say there isnt some cool mechanics to do on the pokemon available but most of the time its pretty normal stuff like chaining abilities after an attack. As someone whose first game was a pokemon game over 13 years ago this game is the most fun thing ive played in months. That said i wish they port it to PC so they can allow higher processing power and better social networks than what they have now

  2. It may have only scored one point higher than ign’s review but this one was also a lot more informative!

    Personally I don’t care about the ‘p2w’ aspect, I’m having a blast without worrying about item upgrades or spending money

  3. It's such a shame; I love Pokemon and this game looks fun, but I'm not touching a game that's heavily monetized and pay-to-win. This is another misstep for Pokemon.

  4. I feel sorry for Asian players if a game like that is standard over there. Being forced to pay hundreds of dollars to have no competitive disadvantage feels just ludicrous to me.

  5. You can also buy enhancers with gems that allow you to upgrade items faster. I saw a video of someone fully upgrading all their items and absolutely destroying the opposite team. It does cost a lot of money to do that, but the fact that it's possible is pretty bad :/

  6. Am I the only one wondering who's paying the people giving bad reviews all about P2W? I assume all these people also don't understand how a F2P game works, and that people need to be paid in order to create and continually update a game?

    Moreover, people are saying it's aimed at kids. Most real Pokémon fans are at least in their 20s now. What gives? 😆

  7. The only thing that bugs me about this game is how fkin toxic Zeraora players are… they always want jungle and won't compromise and they steal your farm in lane too, and never gank or help in fights, am I the only one?

  8. Idling in battle di karenakan jaringan poin di kurangi padahal saya di rugikan juga,saya gagal naik rank harus turun,dan ruginya lagi tidak bisa main lagi di battle rank,saya anti kecurangan untuk di ketahui
    Saya suka game tapi sangsi yg bukan salah saya mengecewakan
    Akun saya zendayaonggo

  9. There are at least 20 better free MOBA. It's by far the least competitive one I've played and a toddler could hit the Master rank since your rank increase as long as you maintain 40%+ win rate.
    The lack of depth and in-game items means no player can meaningfully impact the game while a single bad player can give Zapdos (the main objective ) to the other team.
    9 out of 10 times that mean instant loss because of game mechanics. Some champions are beyond useless and have an average win-rate of 12% taking their entire team with them. You can access Ranked Match by the 4th game and the matchmaking system is inexistent which means you can ruin Expert (LoL's Silver) players game by playing rank before you even know any game mechanics. Some game breaking exploit have been fixed multiple times yet still exist in multiple forms. Patch notes are meaningless and no values is shown in game. You'll find toddlers playing on their parent's switch and ruining ranked games since there's no login screen.
    This is nothing but a cheaply made game with the Pokemon logo slapped on it to milk money from kid's parents.

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