Nintendo Switch OLED Hands On Impressions

We got our first hands-on with the new Nintendo Switch OLED, and while it’s not the next big thing, it left us impressed with how much it improved the console.

Following the sudden announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED, there have been many questions from fans about what to make of the new…

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  1. No hardware upgrade ? Just a bigger screen and a multiple angle stand ? OK, and white color…Bah, i pass, my unpatched Day1 Switch can be useful another 4 years or 10

  2. Ordered one despite, well this isn’t Apple and OLED. It’s not a premium materials company making a premium product. I’ve got a New 3DS, GBA SP (and 4 Micros including the Famicom one ^__^). One can only imagine this was going to be a major update, with support for HDR colours that would also display correctly on the consoles own display thanks to OLED.
    But yknow it’s the Switch. The gosh darn best console that’s ever existed (and I know, having started my gaming hobby in the 80s & owning most consoles made). Nothing comes close to Switch – even if the game is a port from the PS5 or Xbox it’s best on Switch thanks to portable mode. Ie Doom Eternal. 60hz HDR ray tracing 4K on PS5……. Or 30hz 400p SDR on Switch. Yet it supports handheld and motion aiming making it the best way to experience doom. Much better on Switch as with all other games.
    (For the record the Wii U wasn’t that great. The wii too. The 3DS was B+ and miles better than DS. Just saying it’s not some blind loyalty is all ^_____^)

  3. This man justified buying this new switch as he said he would just like someone with a current gen iphone buys the immediate next generation. Literally not worth it.

  4. All games should be 60 fps at least for me to consider buying a switch. Maybe switch 2 or pro model will deliver on this. Hopefully have DLSS 2.x next time. I can't stand 30 fps gaming (and Switch does not even do solid 30 fps).

  5. Nintendo wasted money on this OLED. Somebody with a better vision needs to take over Nintendo. It amazes me that a company like them can't even make the right decisions. The 3DS offered so much more. It's like Nintendo ran out of energy.

  6. Major enchancement*

    *literally a slim revision level of change.


    *No hardware improvements have been made, framerate and frame drop issues in first party titles will still be present.

    Vibrant colors*

    *Shows a pastel themed game.

    A larger screen, and a kickstand only improve things for tabletop mode, put reduces portability. The switch lite is still the better option for handheld only. This is not the ultimate switch, simply what the original switch should have been.

  7. If you buying the Nintendo Switch OLED, you telling Nintendo that they have to do much to systems and games and we can charge more. Look how we stood together against Nintendo 3ds at launch. They wanted to charge us $250 and Nintendo dropped it down to $170 in 5 months. People think more than just it's a new toy.

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