Halo Infinite Customization Breakdown

Check out the Halo Infinite Customization Breakdown, shown off during the Halo Infinite Technical Preview!

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  1. Needs work and you need to be able to unlock what you want without all the clutter and you need to be able to pick your own color scheme plz and thank you. (Two steps forward one step back)

  2. hahahahahahahahahaha pathetic liars as always I see, this video aged so well right guys? Hate that these are the people in charge of Halo, they should be fired for being such a disgrace

  3. We can’t even add default simple colors to our own vehicles or weapons without paying in some way or another. All the good armor attachments and decent armor colors all are locked behind a pay wall man.

  4. And here we are Jan 1st nearly a month from launch and your spartan can't even blink without £20 paywall 😂. Such a disgrace from what was promised and you can't even interchange pieces between the armour cores how pathetic 😂😂

  5. The gear LOOKS great but the the armor core system really kills it for me. So many cosmetic/store criticisms would be alleviated if we had armor freedom like Halo has always had.

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