Firearms Expert Reacts To MORE Star Wars Battlefront 2 Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the insane weaponry of Star Wars Battlefront 2, including Boba Fett’s iconic EE-3 carbine rifle, the DH-17 blaster pistol, and the DLT-19D heavy blaster rifle.

In the latest video in the…

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  1. You guys skipped all the clone blasters!!! but dont worry… i got you!!
    the Clones DC-17 in game is modeled off a Glock upper and what looks to be a Hk usp .45 lower…
    the DC-15A is actually an E-11 upside down with a MG-34/42 stock attached on…
    the DC-15S is also based of the Sterling submachine gun..
    the clone Valken 38x is a german FG-42…with a scope! lol

  2. Would be interesting to look at Battlefront 2015's versions of the Star Wars guns, because I've generally felt they're more authentic to their real-world counterparts, and to their original sources within the star wars media. One thing that was mentioned in the video that I feel 2015 gets across is that all the weapons are (and more importantly, feel) different, while in Battlefront 2 a lot of the weapons are interchangeable skins. There's several weapons that don't show up in Battlefront 2, and quite a few of the ones that do show up function very differently, or have different designs! The A-180 is a lot different, and actually is customized with different attachments on the fly.

  3. Very fun to watch, thanks alot Jonathan =)

    Btw. 9:50 is in fact a scattergun (so yes a shotgun) from the Republic / Clonewars Era, I believe first seen in Republic Commando used by Trandoshan slavers (and then promptly used against the by the Commandos) and yes it's using slugs shaved from a block of metal from what I remember.

  4. Canonically Mandalorians adopted slug throwers and other projectile weapons to combat Jedi as the projectiles can’t be redirected and trying to deflect a projectile May result in hot shrapnel flying into a Jedi’s face

  5. I wonder is optics are a somewhat novel technology in Star Wars, since everyone seems to have guns with scopes bodged on, and almost no one seems to know how to use one.

  6. A cool little tidbit of lore about star wars weapons is that they fire ionized gas, but is somehow technically not plasma because reasons.

  7. It's cool how you can see the similarities of the guns in which Star Wars took inspiration from. You can see a whole load of references, for example the standard issue heavy blaster for the Galactic Empire (the DLT-19), is heavily similar to the late Maschinegewehr-34

  8. 7:00 as a heavy main in bf2 I never really liked the fwmb-10k solely because if you overheat it or manually cycle the heat you're unarmed and exposed for a good 4 seconds. TL-50 and T-21 way better heat-wise and damage output

  9. 1:30 that's an M16, not an AR-15. You can tell cuz of the fixed stock, magazine size and shape, and the the foregrip

    Not saying he's bad at his job or anything, most people (including me until last week) couldn't tell the difference between an M4, an HK an AR-15, and an M16

  10. for pump shotguns it makes sense to me if they made pumps have such a large round or heavy round, like legit heavy that only the driods could pump it because literally why else in a universe so advanced would you have anything so manually fed. also get starwars is a cowboy scifi but pump shotties arent usually shown in westrerns and the droids are just dumbos, if there were specfiic weapons made just for them because of the freedom they have not being human to me, makes a lot of sense to compared to district 9 and needing alien hands to fire their weapons. or atleast it lends some sort of realism too why someone couldnt fire a weapon when a robot could. merely the strench of the weapon their holding is too great for normal people or even clones. and to me that would be way more immersive

  11. Slug throwers are actually somewhat common in Star Wars, it really depends on which group of people you're dealing with. Trandoshans are somewhat fond of them, and that's there the shotgun you saw around the 9 minute mark first debuted in Republic Commando – although it was a slightly modified version from what I remember. And Mandalorians LOVED slug throwers when they could get their hands on them, a tradition that dated back to the Crusades and other eras where they regularly fought Jedi. Lightsabers can block blasters just fine but Mandalorians realized pretty quick that Jedi weren't always fast enough to block bullets, had difficulty blocking spread shot and when they DID it often resulted the metal shot vaporizing against the lightsaber on contact and showering the Jedi with molten metal spray. Literally a case of "parry this, you filthy casual".

  12. I just noticed something about the RT-97C, which I hope somebody already pointed out, the greeblies on the back of the gun by the trigger are actually more scopes. The greeblie above the trigger grip on the left hand side is the single point scope from the DH17 pistol and there appears to be another scope of some sort on the top rear above the grip. Amusingly, since I couldn’t remember the name of the pistol, I found out just now via the Royal Armories website, so thank you, Johnathan. 😋
    Amusingly enough, if I’d kept watching, I could have found out the name of that blaster anyway.

  13. Imagine going to a pub chatting with someone new

    "So what do you do?"

    "I am the keeper of artillery"

    All bow to my greatness hahaha, baddass job title Sir Ferguson.

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