Dying Light 2 Stay Human "Monsters" Gameplay Trailer

Check out the all new Dying Light 2 Stay Human “Monsters” gameplay trailer shown off during the second Dying Light 2 Stay Human developer live stream!

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  1. I just realized the person accompanying you in this mission is David Belle. Thats insane they got a parkour legend to be in the game.

  2. This was just a scripted and choreographed segment, gonna wait for some official gameplay before I make my first impressions. Played the hell outta the first game, so I have incredibly high hopes for the second, but considering the state of most AAA games in the past 5 years I WILL NOT get my hopes up..

  3. What’s anyone else noticed that some of the infected deliberately clothed themselves in heavy rags and sheets to protect against the sun? We know they’re still alive (as unlikely as it sounds) and that their humanity lingers deep inside them. Perhaps their remaining intelligence compels them to protect themselves against the sun, much like how they stay inside during the day. That said, the day hibernation is more likely due to the virus.

  4. Hope they do a better job in managing the gunplay, they show it in all the trailers for 1 game and it was basically a joke and an unusable mechanic. Either zero guns or make them a viable player choice, don't add guns for players with 4 bullets. Hope they add RTX to it, It looks fine, but def "aged" a bit since the initial reveal.

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