Battlefield 2042 – Retro Maps And Shooting Tornadoes | EA Play Spotlight

Battlefield 2042 confirms retro maps will be added and briefly discusses tornadoes and DICE LA renaming to Ripple Effect Studios. Learn more from DICE’s General Manager Oskar Gabrielson and DICE LA’s General Manager Christian Grass.

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  1. so a random in game event where your skill that youve developed from years of playing becomes trivialized instantly because of an annoying tornado? Seems balanced

  2. Omg do the interview over gameplay. We love the devs! Thanks so much, but I don't visit an art gallery to look at the artist…I wanna see their work.

  3. Does anyone else imagine how insane DICE Battlefield games would be if they weren't published by EA? Or is it just me who imagines a Battlefield game that's rigorously playtested to weed out bugs and has proper servers and smooth running multiplayer?

  4. Is it cross platform aside from last gen consoles? I’d like to play with friends on next gen if I play on pc

  5. They shouldve added the hover tank from that snow map in BF4. Its like none of this military technology screams out 2042

  6. Take those airpods out of your ears….its not that cool…..people think they look importsnt with them in their ears but you dont

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