Battlefield 2042 Portal Preview

Battlefield 2042 will introduce six retro maps and include over 40 vehicles and guns from across the series. The new Portal mode allows players to build custom matches that can pit seven armies from different eras against each other on remastered maps. The maps run on the latest Frostbite…

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  1. Sup y'all. Tell me your dream Portal match up (either with the confirmed maps/factions, or those you hope to see in future DLC maybe) in the replies.


  2. This game is obviously Dice's attempt at repairing relations with their fans after the PR-disaster that was BFV. This is why they took longer time than usual with this game and pulled staff from Battlefront 2 and BFV to work on it. It was "an all hands on deck" situation and so far it's working…

  3. Is this a small gripe and am I being petty… but one of my favourite things about warzone is the movement and things like gun nozzle in air when sprinting.. battlefield NEEDS this

  4. Bit odd about the levelling carrying over, they say they have safefy net but I reckon people will still find a way to get + xp servers and be rank 100 in the first few days lol

  5. I wish they added Vietnam and even some bf4, hardline and 1 maps. The more the better. Hopefully it's continually updated so we get more.

  6. Don't know why they picked Valparaiso for the BC2 map, was probably the worst map in the game. Harvest Day is the best IMO.

  7. I wonder, if custom flag placement will be a thing?
    That, in combination with (potentionaly) added BF2 Maps, would be sick.
    Strike at Karkand Infantary, just like in the old days 😀

  8. So glad Bad Company 2 is included in portal… I've been waiting to get my hands on a G3 again in a Battlefield game for years. My favorite rifle IRL. Suuuure Hardline had a PTR-91, but it's just not the same…

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