Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 5 Breakdown With Swen Vincke

Join Swen Vincke as he breaks down new elements coming into Baldurs Gate III in Patch 5 the newest patch coming to the game on July 13th. Learn more about active rolls, background roles, point and click system, and more in this patch update breakdown.

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  1. I stopped myself when I got to the goblin camp, I don't know how people play through the entire early access. Theyre spoiling the story for themselves and risk getting bored of the game by playing it too much

  2. I love the fact how these developers have taken such a care for this title, it will be unmatched for a many of time to come. However, I would like more personal character development, more hair styles and faces.

  3. The enthusiasm he has for this makes just further reinforces that for Larian this is a labor of love. I know they are going to keep doing an amazing job and continue to deliver an amazing product.

  4. “Annnd YOU get a top tier RPG, YOU get a top tier RPG, annd YOU get a top tier RPG.”

    Really hoping this can get ported to consoles. Don’t have a rig.

  5. do i need to restart to get this patch to work? I was on yesterday around 8am est and I didn't see any changes. I didn't see patch 5 in the beta settings either.

  6. Havent played in a few patches, was going to try to wait till full release, but I cant wait to go for another run!

  7. Shallow rest, please make it a toggle. I really dislike that idea. It's the hard-core rules that I really dislike in D&D, and every DM I've ever played with just straight-up skips those rules. They need to be optional if you want that extra challenge. What it often ends up being is a hassle. I'm not here to play a survival sim, I'm here for a magic-filled adventure.

  8. They give me hope for future game companies and development processes. Hats off to you guys, keep up the good work!

  9. sort of hand in hand with the active roll system, it would be nice to (finally) be able to change the active party member during dialogue. if i have a chance to intimidate someone and my beefed up warrior is standing right next to me, they ought to be able to step in and take that action for me, no?

  10. These are by far the worst rpg characters that I have ever seen, it's like the devs tried to force as many annoying and colossal pricks together.

  11. I put the game down after my initial play through because I didn’t want to spoil things with incremental changes and I basically made a deal with myself not to pick it back up until it was finished…this patch makes me want to break that promise to myself lol:)

  12. Hate the camp resources…i used to eat stuff after or during combat…now i need to carry stuff around for a long rest!? Super annoying

  13. I love the immersive camp feature. Things like this are what draw me into these games the most personally.

  14. This game is gonna be huge. I just have 1 concern is that early access is gonna be so much more polished thanks to feedback but its going to lack in the later part of the game. At least this is what i felt with Divinity original sin 2 Still going to enjoy the heck out of the game nonetheless!

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