Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence Trailer | EA Play Live 2021

The upcoming season of Apex Legends, Emergence, sees the introduction of the new legend Seers. The cinematic trailer shows Seers’ stylistic look, and a glimpse into their nano-tracking abilities. Emergence is expected to launch August 3, 2021.

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  1. Ill ruin this trailer for you
    At 1:32 wattson uses her ult and valkyrie use her tacticol but wattsons ult shouldve destroyed the missiles but didnt which doesnt make sense in the lore

  2. Imagine in season 11 if Cooper gets added into Apex I would be so happy even if he appeared in a comic or something but imagine if he was a playable Legend

    Passive: wall run

    Tactical: smart weapon ( weapon will gain the abilities of the smart pistol for 10 seconds but has a slower fire rate takes 20 seconds to recharge)

    Ultimate: standby for Titanfall ( a small Titan would drop from the sky it would not be the normal size of a Titan but it would be big enough for someone to get into it the you can use the Titan until is destroyed but there is no way to heal it

  3. can we just talk about caustic and wattson dying for no reason? wattson placed her ult, seer did the ability wich doesnt stop the ult and they still die :/

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