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Aliens: Fireteam Elite – New Gameplay Today

Aliens: Fireteam Elite attempts to put players in the pulse-pounding center of the conflict between Earth’s valient space marines and the insidious Xenomorphs, but does it capture the feeling of the iconic films? Join Marcus, Van Aken, and…

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  1. All u cry babies crying about cosmetic skins shut the heck up sheesh. The objective is having fun. U want Canon watch the darn movies and shut up lol sheesh. People always gonna complain about something smh. Guess people forgot how games work nowadays

  2. Purple weapons, 3rd person view, areas being bright af.. they turned alien into a shooting gallery. What a fuckin disgrace.

  3. It's a little odd that the pulse rifle isn't like totally shredding any of the xenos but i guess thats the price you pay for gamifying it. the headshots at least seem to totally squish them in one or two hits tho, that's good at least. i can't tell you how many times i've played a bullet spongey shooter game and been disappointed that headshots aren't either insta kills or deal massive damage

  4. Rubbish game, doesnt have any Aliens tension. Its just a simple shooter with an Aliens world skin. The Xenos dont move like they should and very slow and just run at you like a rabid dog. Like someone else said earlier, the purple armor, like wtf.

  5. Why are the aliens outlined in green? Doesn't that take away from their ability to blend in with their background? And why is their acid blood not eating through the floor?

  6. Looks grindy and lacks a bit of atmosphere. The gameplay looks smoother than previous attempts at this, but why third person? You want to be right in the middle of this, with dripping slime dark alleys, flashing lights and fog, plus appropriate music. This is a mobile game at best in its current form.

  7. I understand you can't top Alien:Isolation and anything that comes after that has to dip but this is some all time low (not counting Colonial Marines)

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