Abandoned and the Silent Hill Conspiracy

After Hassan Kahraman unveiled his Abandoned Teaser to the internet, widespread speculation began that Abandoned was – in fact – a secret reveal for Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hill. While Blue Box Game Studios have fervently denied any connection to Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill, the internet has…

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  1. I would never harass anyone and find it hilarious that people take things so serious on the internet while they seem to sleepwalk unaware through their own lives, but 1 of 2 things are true…
    1. Abandoned is 100% HK/SH related
    2. BB 100% intentionally teased HK/SH hoping to capitalize from the hype but never thought through what happens when you make a "promise" to millions of fans but don't follow through.
    But c'mon, I think we all know what's really going on here, don't we?
    PT was never a game to begin with. HK and KONAMI never had a falling out. They've been secretly working on "these games" all along lol.

  2. You know who else hypes something up like it's the greatest thing in the world, wanting you to invest your time (and money) into it but never has anything real to show for? A con artist. Hopefully this is really Hideo Kojima playing a bad prank again.

  3. Smells like a scam and the autists inadvertently put the scammer on the spot and he can't put something together to show that would be believable.

  4. Idk man i believe their statements, Sadly it's highly unlikely that we'll ever get a new Silent Hill game, As much as my gamer heart wants it, we have to face reality.

  5. @GameSpot 11:20 the chapter titles sound like the phases SH fans went through once PT was cancelled & wiped from the PS store and the occasional rumor that a SH was in the works: Abandoned (pt/hills was cancelled)
    The Afterlife (fans consider SH truly dead and trying to move on)
    Memories (gamers continue to enjoy SH games and share their gaming knowledge on
    youtube etc)
    Welcome To High Hills Village (rumours of a SH in the works gives hope to fans)
    Dreams (many fans hopeful & skeptical discuss & search for proof of a SH)
    Operation Moonlight (seems to be the 'conspiracy phase' we're in right now)

    Time will tell what 'Answers' & 'The Decision' will tell SH fans.

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