10 Minutes of Aliens Fireteam Elite Co-op Gameplay

We recently got hands-on time with a preview build of Aliens: Fireteam Elite. You’re watching a three-player co-op from the first mission of the second campaign.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a new co-op action shooter set within the legendary Alien franchise. As a loose sequel to the 1986 film,…

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  1. Do you get progress-related achievements as the second player? This is not featured in many games, which renders the coop playthrough void for those who care about completion, since you’re forced to replay in single player.

  2. Can't wait to explore the engineer ruins, this is the first one their being included in the games. Also excited to see how many Pathogen enemies will be in the game. We know of two already. Personally, I hope the Neomorph from Covenant makes an appearance.

  3. Its a shame because the game looks and sounds quite good but it's missing the horror feeling I want from another Aliens game.

    Slow the game down, make the the motion detector a tool you have to use, make it less run and gun and more survival stealth horror and I'd buy this in a heartbeat. The 2011 AvP absolutely nailed the horror elements in it's campaign and I'm afraid this doesn't even come close.

  4. Third person just looks weird and this looks like after 10 minutes it would just get repetitive. Looking forward to making Alien:Isolation but 1. you can kill the alien and 2. many aliens.

  5. I really hope the sound designer has tweaked the sound of the pulse rifle. Although it is the original sound from the film, it just sounds flat in the game and needs some ambient reverb to make it feel/sound like it's filling the space you are in.

  6. I SEVERELY hope that this is an easy difficulty. The ammo box needs to only fill a certain percentage, not full, and make it so that it only has enough for one person or something. If you get an ammo box in this vid, you get full ammo and can do it multiple times, thus you have no reason to save ammo.

    Runners are too easily killed, need to fight, like, 4 warriors or something instead of just one at a time, or have them MUCH more dangerous. Essentially, it's enemy vomit at this point and as accurate as that might be for the depiction of the xenomorphs, the amount of enemies on screen were massively reduced vs. what was actually in the movies, books and comics.

    I like that there're limited heals, but the vid shows that it's barely difficult to get to the end. I'm hoping the tunnels and etc. actually hold items or secrets or other ways to get to where you're going as well.

    Overall, imo this isn't worth $60 and just keeps up the charade that developers do with the Alien franchise, minus Isolation. Still looks vastly better than Colonial Marines tho.

  7. the mmo health bars on every single enemy is ridiculous, the giant flashing X for kill confirmations is stupid. All these things serve to do is ruin your immersion, as does playing in third person. Pack her up boys, VT2 is still the co-op king.

  8. It seems like there is no interaction or voice acting between characters and that kills the whole mood of the game. Whenever I see any survival co-op games, I suggest Left 4 Dead as prime example. It is full of character voice acting and various interaction, the voice acting makes you feel actually you are on the edge of life. For this game, graphic and game concept is great, the voice acting is horrible, it sounded like someone reading a book in very calm library.

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