Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong Cinematic Trailer | PC Gaming Show 2021

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is the latest in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe. Sawnsong is a narrative RPG with no set release date as of yet.

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  1. Been playing VtM tabletop since the 90s. Frankly? I think creatives lack the EDGE to make a good VtM game these days. Hell, even current edition is really timid compared to how it used to be. You can't be gothic, rebellious, and edgy when you're scared to death of the current moral puritan establishment. It's all a farce now.

  2. Save for misunderstanding that this is a different game from VTMB2, I don't get the negativity here. The music is evocative and grabbing and gives me real VTMB meets Life Is Strange vibes. The idea of this potentially malkavian centered story sounds really interesting. There's also a lot of hate for the graphics when they look great. It's clean, dynamic and stylized, allowing the character design elements to really stand out. The idea that everything should aim for hyper-realism and the emulation of every individual pore and speck of dirt is not just wrong but harmful to things that benefit from a more stylized look, and VTM is all about style. I can't imagine anyone whose actually familiar with the VTM series and RPG not being on board for a stylized, story-driven RPG possibly about one of the most interesting clans.

  3. Why is the face hidden everytime they want to make the character talk? They cant afford to animate the mouth? The graphics looked horrible, too. Especially for a prerendered cutscene

  4. Don’t care for the game, never heard of it.
    Only here for the song, release the game already, I need the full song.
    Or at least drop the song 😩😩

  5. Imho she's a Malkavian. Notice how the doctor doesn't even notice her as he walks inside.
    Telltale signs of Obfuscate. The only Clans in the Camarilla with access to that Discipline are Nosferatu and Malkavians.

    That, and I think her "little girl" or the "IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK" altered voice are both signs of insanity.

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