Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – Exclusive Developer Walkthrough [Play For All 2021]

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is a new prequel to Frogwares’ series of adventure games, and we have exclusive new footage of the game’s city exploration and disguise gameplay. Releasing later this year, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is a fresh take on the classic detective, showcasing how his…

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  1. Stop trying to make it likeable and relatable. Original character is anything but.
    Or just start a new ip. Not sure if its Frogware project or nah. Have mad respect for those guys, but stop slaughtering what's left of this ip.

  2. The last Sherlock games were absolutely amazing, even if the devil's daughter story was a bit….well a bit strange.

    Can't wait for this one!

  3. Just have 2 compilains: 1-Shorleck just looks 17 years old e-boy tries to cosplay scherlock HOLMES. 2- The mechanich lets u see how people will act(4:29) looks uncomplete. But still going to buy it.
    Sailor qutift looks like a baby qutfit.

  4. I hope they aren't cramming too much in. The last one added stealth for no real reason, a little melee a little first person, and none of it really made sense. I love the Sherlock series for the puzzle solving.

  5. Everything about this looks great!… Except Sherlock's default clothing. Looks like an emo kid from the early 2000's, not someone from the 19th century

  6. “First pillage the nest, then blunt his beak. Crack eggs, scramble. A pinch of salt. A touch of pepper. Flip the omelet, additional seasoning required. BREAKFAST IS SERVED! 🍳🍳🍳

  7. They made him look so handsome… with such fresh looking attire, with the gloves and all of that and the clean haircut. Dang.. Frogwares knew exactly what they were doing 👀 😂
    Not complaining though.
    Aside from this, the rest of the games looks very aesthetically pleasing as well and i just know the gameplay will be fun.

  8. It feels a bit bland…they should have just done a first person Sherlock Holmes game with an original case/story during the Watson years, but with modern day graphics and an impressive story.

    The only thing about this related to Sherlock Holmes is the title.

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