Sea of Thieves – A Pirate's Life Showcase Livestream

Tune in June 20 at 11am PT for the Sea of Thieves A Pirate’s Life showcase. Get a deep dive on the collaboration between Sea of Thieves and Disney on how they included Captain Jack Sparrow, and many other notable characters. You’ll get first look at a few tales, and gameplay of those as well as…

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  1. I was drunk as hell watching e3 with my friends and as soon as I saw sea of thieves I said “I don’t give a shit about this game unless they add Jack sparrow!” And then I saw the dog and then Jack and we all lost our shit

  2. So let me get this straight…Disney cancels not only "POTC – Armada of the Damned," "Pirates of the Caribbean Online (POTCO)," and Disney Infinity/POTC aspect…they now want to meddle into Sea of Thieves? Really, Disney? I Shameful!

  3. Can't wait to be harassed by douchebags spewing insults and slurs at us while we try to do the new content, just like when Tales first went in.

  4. Saying a stunt double allowed you to get every detail accurate, especially when it comes to not only one of the most unique and diverse actors but also one of, if not his most recognizable work to date is like saying a $7 steak is actually real meat. Johnny Depp is the only person that will ever be able to play Jack Sparrow successfully.

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