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Scarlet Nexus Review

The next anime-inspired game from Bandai Namco is here, but is it any good? Join GI for our official Scarlet Nexus review as we take you through the highs and lows of this gorgeous new action title!

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  1. Let's face it Japanese writers suck. There are very few good writers left and these days everything is written like fanfic. There's too much exposition, and the waifu fans are willing to accept bottom barrel bullshit. So, these companies get away with it. It's really sad to see this garbage writing that's the equivalent of, "Oh, Hi Mark!" I really wish they would make a game and just focus on the gameplay. And leave out all that other bullshit. The characters are just there to drive the plot, no matter what anyone says. That's how stories work. The characters are merely vessels of the story. But these fanfic writers they want to gush over the character while they're writing a story it's disgusting. Look at good writing like Game of thrones, and you could see how character development should work. The characters are all serving and overarching story not showing off their little cute tendencies and what not.

  2. This is definitely coming to Switch in a year. That's Bandai Namco's usual strategy. I'll wait for that or when this game goes to gamepass. Reminds me a bit of Astral Chain.

  3. Why is everyone ignoring every other aspect of this game outside of combat? Combat 10/10, everything else 5/10. Final score: 8.75/10 … wtf?

  4. Demo was decent when I played it but my main gripe with the game is it’s super ugly colour palette environmental art style. I can barely look at the game because of how bad the areas look when playing.

  5. Boring and generic. Played the demo on hard and was too easy too. I have no idea who this game is for. Generic people who are weeaboos? Or people who love generic linear easy weeaboo games? Please explain 🙂

  6. The negative points make it seem like its a 6 at best but than they almost give it a 9, thats crazy, like combat is good, but repetitive ok, story and chars kinda suck and are not developed or make much sense ok, the graphics are pretty.. i guess? 8.75? wth.

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