Salt and Sacrifice Exclusive Extended Gameplay – Play For All 2021

We have the exclusive first gameplay of Salt and Sacrifice, the sequel to Ska Studios’ 2D tribute to the Souls sub-genre. In this new video, we get to see the exploration of an even more dangerous world filled with monsters and giant demons, and this time you can bring allies with you into…

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  1. It's definitely more zoomed in than the first and mich more colorful. I dont mind. I really think the world and level design in the first game was the best ive ever seen, even better than Souls. I hope they focused on that as much as they did the first. I still find shit I never knew existed each year I playthrough again. It's incredible and always makes me reflect on how incredible the game is.

  2. I loved the first game, I'm also kind of glad they improved the art-style. I remember many people were put off by how the characters looked.

  3. Yeah like it has a gameplay. Player just use op scrub magic and casul strength weapons that have 110 dmg per hit then the game turn into shit and one shoot.

  4. salt and sanctuary was an very good souls like, i dont see any graphics/animation improvements on this one, hope other parts were improved.

  5. The combat seems more "grounded", heavier, impacful, without seeming sluggish. Granted I will need to play the game before I really know, but still…this looks like exactly what I wanted.

    I love that the art style is the same, just updated and more colorful. Granted I love the black and white theme the first game had. It almost skewed entirely grey, therefore it gave this somber attitude to everything. Nevertheless, loving the more vibrant color scheme this sequel seems to have.

    The only thing I am praying for is that the lore is just as deep and well developed as it was in the first game.

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