Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 2021 | E3 2021

In this new gameplay trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft takes us to the Orpheus Research Center in Alaska. Operators Ela, Alibi, and Sledge utilize their operator abilities to face off a nest of Archæons. The Rainbow Six operators utilize stealth and cooperative tactics to defeat the…

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  1. To make it more interesting they should allow people to play as the Alien/infected testicular monsters. Make it more interesting and wayyyyy more challenging

  2. all I'll say is if it's good and still alive in 6 months past release date I'll get it
    If not then this will quickly be forgotten like farcry new dawn

  3. The Chimera event grunts & aliens had a better asthetic to them now seems go for more generic look. Still do not get why game is not 4 player coop mode.

  4. They think people are stupid to buy the same game with "alien" ai again and there is still people who waiting to this game to get released smh

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