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Psychonauts 2: Exclusive Look At New Level Gameplay (4K)

We’re back with another exclusive look at Psychonauts 2! Join us as we show you the inner workings of Hollis Forsythe’s mind and explore this neon-clad casino meets hospital in one of developer Double Fine’s wildest brain levels yet!

// S U B S…

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  1. 1:42 That hand… That's a very Loboto hand. And canonically Loboto's dad was also a doctor… Also it makes sense that that Loboto might not be his real name, because it seems like an awfully big coincidence otherwise. Maybe his real name is Caligosto Potts?

  2. I’m a big fan of the first game I loved it but wondering can I still play this on PS4? The deal was done before MS exclusivity right.

  3. Honestly hoping the teacher beats Raz to a pulp, then locks him in a cage for a few days as punishment for screwing around. This is a government agency, not a freaking elementary school, brat!

    I love this game, but Raz better get punished GOOD for this stunt, to point out that this is NOT a summer camp where a mistake gets you a badaid and a cookie and an "It's ok, do better next time!" People could DIE from making mistakes like this!

  4. I love that it really looks like Psychonauts, i was afraid that it wouldn’t be like that. But this 3min Video shows how much doublefine still loves Psychonauts

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