Metroid Dread Early Look 2 | Nintendo E3 2021

In a second look at Metroid Dread, Nintendo showcases all new enemies and terrain Samus will have to navigate around. Samus is able to use brand new abilities such as a Phantom Cloak in order to avoid robotic enemies who are impenetrable to her weapons, or the Spider Magnet to climb along…

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  1. It's seriously disappointing that this is the first 2D metroid in 19 years. Could have had so many but they were so stuck on 3D even though 2D has still yet to be pushed to its limits.

  2. Not to sound sexist, but I think if an ordinary chick can be good at this game, then I feel the difficulty level will be pretty darn easy. I mean she beat the boss in the first try. I really hope we are no lt hand held throughout the entire game. That was my problem with samus returns. I never really got lost and was able to beat it fairly quick. Super Metroid on the other hand took me weeks.

  3. Everything looks bland and grey, and of course we'll be forced to melee counter everything, again! Mercurysteam ruined Castlevanias formula of greatness, and now they're ruining Metroids.
    Honestly, at this point, I don't care, let the metroid series die. We got plenty of Indy dev's that make better metroidvania games.

  4. God, you ppl could have nintendo take a dump, put a metroid label on it, and everyone will be like… oh wow, it looks amazing!!!!!! Go back to playing minecraft, or one of your other stupid fps games.
    I'll just play AM2R again, you know, a REAL metroid game.

  5. Wasn’t “Other M” a side scrolling game on Perry much a 2D plane? That came out in 2010… 12 years since a 2D Metroid. I guess that had some 3D parts so that’s how they are getting away with that.

  6. I think one of the reasons for the hate is what I like to call "the modern Sony game effect". Which is basically a 3d behind the shoulder story focused games, which are amazing, but they kind of blinded people from other experiences. Mainly indie games like my favorite game Hollow Knight. Or just 2d games in general.

  7. Ok, to whoever says this looks like a indie game, one, have you even played a indie game, two, stop thinking that all games are meant to be only 3d, three, not every game needs to be a first party Sony game. Stop being so close minded. And this is an actual metroid game that continues the story, the prime games are a side story taking place between metroid 1 and 2.

  8. Lol nobody plays these games
    Likes this. I get they are showcasing it but it’s sometimes difficult for them to try SO hard to make it “interesting”. The jokes are horribles I find it interesting enough already. Also, the dude I feel like has never played a metroid game before all the way through

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