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Horizon Forbidden West Devs On New Abilities, Release Window, And More

Join Game Informer’s own Kimberley Wallace as she sits down with Mathijs de Jonge, game director, and Benjamin McCaw, narrative director, from Guerrilla Games to discuss Aloy’s new abilities, Horizon Forbidden West’s release window, and so much…

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  1. Is everyone else also wildly distracted by the spotlight that's on her all the time? it feels like she's not part of the environment bc of the constant hero light.

    Really great interview, though!

  2. one of the best, third person single player hyper realistic next gen visuals, all that we need. ramove Drucmann lier and g propaganda from gaming

  3. bravooo, such games we want but only str8 we buy, remove Druckmann lier from gaming. As graphic designer can suggest little discrete override machine fat blue cables. in all perfection it looks too much amateurish and distract us when look at robots neck

  4. Wow. It really seems like they adressed almost all the problems I had with the first game.
    Melee combat, shallow skilltree, uninteresting wepon mods etc.
    The last thing missing is better rewarding exploration.

  5. I loved the first one it just needed more variety in the world more like interaction with people in cities and more outfits and cool secrets and weapons,been cool to have more shops to do more hairstyles and colors and outfits

  6. The only thing I care about is how many years we're going to have to wait to get it on a real PC. Oh, I know they'll try to con us once again that it's only a SONY console exclusive, but eventually it'll make economic sense to release it to the best gaming platform out there, a real PC. Hell will freeze over before I ever resort to any limited "console" platform for high-end gaming…

  7. couldn't wait to see the golden gate bridge be destroyed. Ah, the age old tradition of hollywood being continued. A thausand deaths to the bridge!!!

  8. so, there is costume customization. that's good. Can your team at Guerrilla Games really make the special edition & Regalla edition have even more attractive/pronounced costume perspective? There is potential here to have her closer to BlazeBlue Central Fiction's line up & Guilty Gear Strive's. Both those games nailed the character design/ascetics. One thing more Horizon Forbidden West needs for a smooth release is co-op. It was a major downside to Zero Dawn…

  9. And i can imagen the #PC release won't happen to around 2025, knowing our luck 🙁 lol
    Such a disappoint giving the article Sony games put out last month concerning capturing the #PC Master Race gaming market!

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