Halo Infinite Official 4K Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Check out the 4K version of the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Reveal Trailer!

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  1. Halo need to introduce more wear and tear in suits and weapons. These seems to be very lightweight. Its doesn't seem like in other games: Crysis, Ghost Recon

  2. I know the multiplayer side of Halo is a huge deal with many gamers, but, for the sake of Pete, who do you have to kill to see new campaign game clips?

  3. Now the Spartans are intersectional of course. Fire your casting director 343, we don't need to see how virtuous you are through your casting choices, reject this nonsense and make video games. There's really not that much point in making female super soldiers anyway, their frames are going to be weaker and they're going to be much more vulnerable to infections and bruising and are going to reduce cohesion in the ranks of soldiers. The game looks great except for this hair-brained desire to rub phony diversity in everyone's faces.

  4. 😢😢🥲🥲 been playing halo since 2002 halo ce … it’s crazy how’d it has evolved after all these years … it’s always going to be part of my life 😅😁

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