Halo Infinite | Multiplayer Overview

The Halo Infinite Multiplayer reveal trailer unveiled yesterday during the Xbox + Bethesda E3 Showcase! At the end of the showcase they teased a multiplayer overview which you can now see here!

Check out this Halo Infinite Multiplayer Overview presented by the developers of the game!


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  1. I literally said when this game was announced, "If this game was just Halo 3 with better graphics, new maps and a couple new guns, this game will be successful." I'm glad my prayers have been slightly answered because that first trailer looked like a penultimate travesty to a beloved franchise.

  2. Looks great! I hope they updated Warthog driving controls and finally gave us an option to change controls for driving /flying

  3. I’d hate to speak too soon but it honestly makes me happy to see that we’re starting to edge out of the “greed” phase of gaming. It seems that studios are starting to realize that if they make a fair, quality game it pays for itself without the studio having to rip players off and ruin their own reputation. I think that’s something EA and some other big gaming studios have sort of forgotten over the years. And yes, even though this game has microtransactions, they seem fair and well-thought out. (Especially that battle pass system) I myself am a pretty big Sony/PlayStation fan but I still respect what’s happening here and can’t wait to try this out on PC.

  4. My only request is Space Diaper Customization… I mean Belt/Waist Armor choices. We may not have Dual Wielding or playable Elites but hey I am not asking to have Everything. In what we may have missed, we gain so much more in return. It's still fucken awesome my fellow Spartans!

  5. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't be pulling a Todd on us Xbox,

    Everything is pointing to the multiplayer being good, but if it's just more of the same BS I'm going to let go of Halo for good

  6. Allowing PC players to join in crossplay will allow them to find a way to exploit the system and be able to hack, having cross play is already bad enough as it is.

  7. Halo 1 now and graphics is like wow did we play this every single weekend , yer dude this was doom comically lush waiting for the ring symbol or moon symbol, should I or we play these punks or are they super bouncing y!!!!!!!you f ing dosh !!!

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