Firearms Expert Reacts To Necromunda: Hired Gun’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the future weaponry of Necromunda: Hired Gun, including the franchise’s iconic Boltgun, the Ironfist Stubgun, and a rifle called the Vapanther.

In the latest video in the Firearm Expert…

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  1. Even though it takes place in 40k bce human kind experienced a dark age of technology while we stagnated and made no advances in technology. That’s why they use modern guns

  2. Warhammer has a lot of iron sights and such as a lot of their asthetics are based on older things for example their tanks have a lot in common with ww1 british landships

  3. It should be noted that at this point in the setting, humanity has stagnated incredibly. In the 15th – 22nd millennium, we had killer nanobots and stuff, but that's all over after the Age of Strife and the Horus Heresy made everything worse. So it's natural to see weapons this old

  4. The keypoint of anything i Warhammer 40k is that anything works and is used by religion and magic.
    Most people donm't simply turn on the light they pray first.
    You don't just reuse ammo or throw it on the floor, you apologize to it with incense and a prayer etc.

    And just inventing new stuff, not really done that much either.
    Due to people looking at technology through religion technology is backsliding and new inventions are rudimentary at best most of the time.

  5. In the lore of 40k. Mankind had a period of scientific progress and colonising planets. But then their was a AI/robot revolution so now technology has gone a bit backwards.

  6. The thing is, there probably are all kinds of super high tech, totally silent weapons with integral suppressors out there. But they've likely forgotten them, and most of the tech they do have is scraps of long lost tech.

    And on Necromunda, it's even worse. These guns are one step above Ork Shootaz, if only because they don't have to make a gun actually able to shoot.

  7. I feel like an episode on Xenos weapons would make a lot of sense, pulse guns with the Tau that basically shoot split atoms, Eldar shuriken weapons, anything Ork that goes along tellyporta-guns and stuff like that

    and also Destiny, especially in terms of holographic (free-floating) sights and fusion guns

  8. Going to be honest kind of disappointed with how little he had to say about the heavy stubber considering it's pretty much just an M2 Browning with grips in places they shouldn't be

  9. When he asks why would we be using parts and guns (iron sights and shotguns) was it explained in this future humans lost so much stuff they had to use old stuff with some future stuff

  10. The only thing I wish someone would’ve told him is the The Underhive is people using what ever they can find in a place where technology has had to regress because of the imperiam not being really able to make new stuff

  11. I think in the future sights on infantry rifles could just be a set of optics that you wear that has a heads up display that shows you where the rifle is pointing without having to look down the top of the firearm.

  12. From what I understand, Bolters work exactly the way you described. The initial casing launches the projectile out of the weapon and upon leaving the barrel the rocket kicks in and accelerates the round even more, and the explosive charge in the round is set on a small delay so goes off after it has penetrated a target.

    all of that would be pretty difficult to get across in a fast paced shooter like this so I dont blame them for going with "assault rifle but big and with HE rounds.

  13. The technology in use in the 41st millennium is futuristic and advanced, but it is also old because technological advance has stagnated somewhat after cataclysmic events in the past of the 41st millennium. They've largely been in use since around the 30th millennium, and development of existing technology and new technology is very slow, often seeming almost impossible.
    If understanding fails, that's ok, its 40k, its supposed to be a bit bonkers 😆

  14. I think it was mentioned in some version of 40k that humanity had lost and gained technology many times over before the Emperor showed up, which could explain why we still see similar technology to today that far in the future.

  15. You would be correct, sir, that the guns labeled as "autoguns" are firing solid projectiles! They are indeed "older, less advanced" tech that are used mostly by gang members and the Planetary Defense Forces of less well-off planets, and are often sneered at by those with access to the higher-tech and cooler-in-every-way Lasguns, which fire lasers! Pew! Pew! For a fun bonus point, because WarHammer likes fun names, "stubber" and "autogun" are effectively equivalent. Other examples are "stubgun" and "autopistol".

  16. Auto guns are literally just modern day firearms. There’s no standard appearance and some could use caseless ammunition depending on the technology level of their home world.

  17. To explain how plasma guns work, those pins he sticks into it, are cooling units, the "charging" is him basically overloading the gun to make the plasma more volatile, an extremely risky procedure as the gun is liable to explode when you do that.

  18. But all the guns from here have many problems is technology re descovered after milions after a war against the machines known as mans of iron an galactic anomaly who separated all mankind for milioanes of years and a civil war long to 9 years what has let the galaxy in a constant war.

  19. Bolter bullets have some uranium what explode very strong but just after one second where are already in the target, and are madet from adamantium like many melee weapons and some armors like those from machines and robots.

  20. Ok…. So the Bolter uses a two stage projectile, it fires Via normal firearm operation, and then, post leaving the barrel, the rocket part of it starts (also standard bolt ammunition are grenades)

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