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Exclusive Sonic Colors: Ultimate Level – New Gameplay Today (1440p)

Join GI’s Sonic expert Brian Shea as he gives you the lowdown on Sonic Colors: Ultimate in this exclusive look at one of the game’s beautifully remastered new levels on this episode of New Gameplay Today!

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  1. Am I missing something? Because so far, this looks mostly good from a visual standpoint. Twip made it out that it looks awful. I might be off though because I initially thought the first reveal looked solid and my opinion immediately changed when I seen side by side video comparison– realizing how bad the lighting was by comparison. I think I'm gonna have to see side by side comparison again to be able to judge. I feel like they touched up quite a bit since that first reveal, however.

  2. Wasn't this supposed to be running at 60fps? Cause if that's the case then showing this in 4K seems kind of like a waste of time uploading to that high of a resolution.

  3. It looks better, one can definitely see some improvements, I just feel odd the poorly made boost gauge consumption when using wisps and the fact that if you touch a dash ring, rainbow ring and dash pad the sound effects of those are mixed with a spring sound effect, feel kinda annoying but that's just a personal nitpick, looking forward to this, it still looks like it has a lot of bloom but they seem to have that reduced a bit, hopefully they try to add some more lighting to some parts to make'em stand out like that giant thing with an energy chain you can see at 1:49 on the background, but time will tell, I'm honestly pretty optimistic on this one, I also noticed that damn sweet Planet Wisp arrangement

  4. From what I'm hearing in the background the song is remixed. So far it seems it'll be that way for every stage, and I ain't complaining. It sounds really good in my opinion. But it may take a while for me to get used to since I'm so used to the original songs. Just like the other comments said I'm also hoping there is an option to change them if you wish to.

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  6. Ok it's cool to hear that Tails is actually helping Sonic out again with the "live" system instead of just you know sitting on his laptop all day, maybe there is a chance to play as Tails when you finish the game or something.

  7. The wii shaming at the start of the video was cringe. If you didnt have one at its time is your fault for making terrible decisions. Especially considering the enormous library the wii has.

  8. Ooohhh so that’s what the Tails icon is for, that’s pretty cool! Will definitely help out new players! 😀

  9. so fucking bored. 0 games coming out besides the same shit from years ago. HOLY FUCK GAMING IS DEAD

  10. 1:44 the rival rush mode is said to give a reward and by the looks of things, it might be the replacement for gameland at least when it comes to getting chaos emeralds for supersonic.

    edit: i also believe that this is where you will get the cosmetic items in the game. as the feedback for gameland was utter garbage and i feel this is a solid replacement. and would not mess with story or levels on getting emeralds

  11. "One of the most popular 3D Sonic games."
    Sonic Colors is a good game. It really is. But it ain't a 3D Sonic game, guys. It's almost 70% 2D.

  12. In the intro of PW act 1, sonic's model looks kinda weird.
    It's like the model from wii, but his facial expressions are completely static.
    And the white wips looks like paper when they go to sonic
    Hopefully this gets fixed later on.

  13. Game WAS good. . .
    but that’s just cuz the majority of the rest IS bad.

    Imma say this right now, the same as many other redos

    The songs the gameplay, will disappoint.

  14. Why cant Nintendo give us Nostalgia Sonic Games like a Remaster of 3d world or Sonic heros or Riders would of been nice wii games Arent even nostalgic unless if its pokemon or some mario games other then that i wish they would of gave us Something better.

  15. Tails Saves sounds like something someone thought of in direct response to the Game Grumps playthrough of Sonic Heroes.

  16. I hope the Switch version will have GameCube Controller support like the original.

    Or at least a GameCube-friendly control scheme option.

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