E3 2021 Ubisoft Forward, Gearbox Showcase and More | Play For All

Tune into the first official day of E3 2021 on June 12th for the Ubisoft Forward, Gearbox Showcase, and more. Join as we learn more get exciting new trailers, announcements, gameplay and more from both showcases.

E3 is a trade event for the video game industry. The Entertainment Software…

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  1. That trailer has me massively worried for a movie so called adapting one of my favourite games of all time that being Werewolves Within, please don't mess it up Ubi.

  2. How can this be the most attractive things you can show in a whole year jesus christ.
    You don't learn Ubi huh. Every single year.

  3. E3 2021 Sony, Ubisoft, Square Enix & Gearbox Showcase Press Conferences and More | Play For All

    Sony PlayStation 8AM PT
    Ubisoft Forward 10AM PT
    Square Enix Presents 12PM PT
    Gearbox Panel 2PM PT

  4. This is the dumbest E3 representation EVER why they showing movies and lame games plus who ever wrote these people's script or teleprompter is LAME AF!!!!! SMH yall missed last year just to come here a blah blah blah I don't judge ppl but ppl lack imagination when it comes to games and yall talk too much than showing games

  5. So this is just a 7 hour commercial for Far Cry 6 shouldn't have called it Ubisoft E3 just Farcry E3. Having never played a Farcry Game. This is all just pointless and repetitive

  6. Funny how Ubisoft didn’t give a fuck about the Rainbow Six name after Vegas 1&2 yet now it’s all they talk about and it’s absolutely fucking unbearable, just make good games again

  7. Farcry6, the story looks really good! I think I got spoiled by the character animation in Cyberpunk though cause the faces look really stiff.

  8. My thoughts on the games is that it seems pretty good. Kinda wanna try out the Just Dance game and Far Cry 6. Plus Wolves Within seems like a fun watch.

  9. They are really bragging about supporting a game for over a year?!?! If you guys take longer to make a game then you guys would realize its a good thing to not have game breaking bugs in all the shit games throw out at us like its a good thing

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