Battlefield 2042 Trailer – Everything You Missed

Battlefield 2042 has a release date, a new class system, increased player count, massive maps, upcoming alphas, and more. Let’s break down the reveal trailer and point out where each of these changes can be seen. 

Battlefield 2042 (previously referred to as Battlefield 6) is the next…

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  1. The tank showed at 3:04 seems to be an abrams with additional armor, same thing they've added to the modern leopards. You can see the shape of the turret behind this armor as well as a distinctive placement of the hatches, range finders etc on the turret. (the tank that git shot is the modern russian tank it seems without the crew in the turret)

  2. I like a lot of what’s mentioned here, the higher player count, improved destruction etc, though I’m not too keen on the future setting…

    It’s already been eight years since the last proper modern Battlefield (2013’s BF4), I’d have preferred a realistic new modern Battlefield, not a made up, Cod like setting – maybe it’ll be good, on first impression, it might not be for me 🤔😐 , only time will tell 😀🤘 .

  3. I am looking forward to this . Warzone disappointed me with the 2 pay to win blueprints they introduced.If i am gonna pay i would rather have a buyable game in which i can unlock everything by playing rather than a free to play game in which you have to pay to get better guns.

  4. Source Code Snatched ! Hahahahaha NOW WE ARE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY ! This is so righteous! Burn EA Dice Burn !

  5. 2:55 thats an M1 Abrams with Trophy and add on Composite armor… if you look closely you can see the „old“ turret shape under the add on armor. The other tank is pretty sure an T14 Armata

  6. I'm annoyed we can't blow up or destroy buildings it was epic when it happened during a sweaty fun fight felt like you was in a real war …bf4 will always be the greatest

  7. I haven’t played Battlefield 5 for about a month, because there are too many cheating people and I am in a bad mood. Today, because Battlefield 2042 was listed, I paid attention to it and was affected. So I played Battlefield 5 today. There are still a lot of them, and no one manages them. I play games for fun, not for cheating. So I refuse to buy EA products in the future

  8. When they were in the container yard and get ambushed and the perspective is looking through a container to the other side where shots are being fired downwards from higher ground (then soldiers start jumping down from that higher position to push) it made me think there was a walking tank/mech from battlefield 2142 that was just out of view. Just a thought and a feeling, but really hoping that ends up being in the game.

  9. Sadly going with console this gen due to pc prices for the same performace at 50% of the cost….plus gpus are beyond unobtainable to get at msrp.

  10. as i remembered i played BF4 in SEA server with pros player..dat eject from jet n fire another jet with bazooka was done first time in BF4..dat time no one ever think of it until some crazy players done it..even with heli's

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