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Battlefield 2042 – Official Reveal Trailer

DICE is finally back to its seminal first-person shooter series in Battlefield 2042! Join us for a bombastic look at the official reveal trailer featuring huge set pieces, the wild action the series is known for, and a tornado?

// S U B S C R I…

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  1. Im lost with this game looks like it maybe a fun multiplayer game but it doesn't look like its focused enough to be a solid grounded game it just seems like you had a bunch of teens say what they like in action games and put it all together and shake it up I hope they show more solid trailer soon cause this cgi mix doesn't show much

  2. It's going to be fun seeing all the CoD kids try to play this and then go back to their WW2 garbage once they realize it's not the same

  3. Brutal environmental deaths, penguin casualties, random explosions, mid-air RPGs from a jet, literal tornadoes, a Boston Dynamics murder-dog… this trailer has everything in it except minorities. They really pulled out all the stops.

  4. I'm glad that it's in the future, but I'm disappointed that it's only by 20 years. By the time people are nostalgic for this game, it will be 2042.

    Also seems like a lazy move since they can just retouch old assets for the most part rather than making new ones. And the storm almost makes me mad, like not really, but c'mon, how many times can you expect us to care about the world being shredded halfway through the match? It's never been fun and sort of comes off as an excuse not to actually design maps that play well.

    The cockpit hopping scene made me LOL though, so there's that.

  5. Without a campaign I will not buy it. For me it ia a big part of the overall battlefield package when I buy a game. Also the PS5 and Series X versions cost more than PC, xbox one and ps4 versions. Rip off alert.

  6. So Bad Company 3 not gonna happen huh, so sad. The destruction in 2 was amazing, you could destroy houses and stuff and it was so balanced except for the reviving.

  7. God… YES!!! I LOVE WHAT I SEE!!!

    I really hope we can shoot down that rocket before it heads into space. Oughta make for a awesome achievement to get.

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