Battlefield 2042 Livestream

Tune in to the Battlefield briefing welcome to 2042 livestream with DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson and senior design director Daniel Berlin. Other “guests from across the team” will appear as well. Get a behind the scenes chat with the gang from DICE as we take a look back at this…

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  1. Thank you for posting this without the annoying youtubers verbally commenting while they are talking. The other youtubers seem to think we want to stare at them while they watch it, they yap all the time so you can't hear it.

  2. 2142 worked like this clustering did. It made the Came much more fun and was a big jump in gameplay to BF2. I would like to see commander come back with this level of gameplay just like the jump to 2142 will probably allow better teamplay and allow for proper cluster play goals for squads…

  3. Can't wait to see this gameplay. In 2142 the had an emp. If you used the teamplay properly against a walker / aircraft you could have an engineer hide out and throw and emp keeping them down and secondary player to kill it. Emp was really powerfull becasue it was more usefull for teamplay. It held the object down that was highly armored and those with the big guns could take either down while the engineer hurried to keep it in place. I hope this kind of functionality is possible (Soooo Fun & more Teamlike).

  4. I hope you will be able to destroy everything in hourglass even all of the skyscrapers and level the map, that would be cool and make sense since its next gen also.

  5. Never played Battlefield b4… Just seen the Exodus trailer. I'm pretty confident no cod this year for me.
    Looking foward to it. XBox1.. CALIJUAN1

  6. It's incredible how devs talks can last up to an hour talking about how "great" the game is going to be and whatnot, and then the resulting game is a complete shitshow.

    Yes, BF2042 turned out to be a shitshow after all, and these two lead devs are greatly responsible for that. Same thing happened with CP2077.

    Goes to show that these "talks" are nothing more than calculated and highly curated PR stunts to get the hype train going. An

    And then the paying customers get nothing short of being buttfuc*ed to the moon. Glad at the time I only watched a few minutes of this.

  7. Worst battlefield ever.. this is coming from a longtime battlefield player.. these fools will never trick me into giving them my money again. I’ll stick to playing modern warfare and Cold War zombies..

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