Battlefield 2042 In-Depth Look | Xbox Games Showcase 2021

DICE revealed new details about the latest entry into the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 2042. Battlefield 2042 will feature series staple Conquest and Breakthrough. Breakthrough is much a much more guided experience, where teams are compressed into smaller spaces, while Conquest will be the…

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  1. “Bigger” “massive” “more” all I want is a game that will be consistent with their content and not get old after awhile

  2. I don’t like the sound of 3 experiences. This shit better not be 70 dollars and have 3 maps. Also, nobody caps a point in conquest and opens their map and talks to their friends and goes “where do we wanna go next?” Lmao. Nah we just GO bruh

  3. I think BF 2042 is not going to be a 100% next gen BF due to the fact that it will be playable in both ps5 and ps4, and xbox one, and xbox series x. the game will not fully utilize and benefit from the next gen tech of the ps5, it has to work on ps4, so it will be highly limited because of that. It will be just like when BF4 launched. It was palyable both in Ps3 and Ps4. The true next generation Battlefield came out when BF1 launched, and BF1 was only playable in next gen consoles ps4 and xbox one, like it should be. If you look at BF1 and BF4, the difference both in feel and graphics and how the smooth game plays is, is night and day. So BF 2042 is looking great but it will definitely not be the next gen BF. The true next gen BF will be the one after this one for sure.

  4. Who else was hoping for next gen to really surprise us with something like 160 player maps , but just double what was on bf4 had is kinda sort of cool i guess

  5. Well 70% of what they showed in the trailer is not in the game . I don't know if things will get better when season one launch but right now what they did sell is not what they did scripted in their trailer.

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