Battlefield 2042 – Everything You Need To Know

The Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer only covered a fraction of what you should know. Here’s everything we learned from our preview session with DICE including the release date, in-game gun customization, the new specialist class system, map breakdowns, new conquest mode, massive player count,…

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  1. This operators bullshit has broken written all over it. Battlefield has a formula since the dawn of battlefield. 4 class two teams. That's BF. I don't wanna play Call of Raindow Duty 6 Field

  2. No one wants to be maria the medic dice. no one wants stupid ass specialist. all they had to do is get rid of the wokeness monster women, give us classic classes. go back to vietnam bad company 2.

  3. I’m really not hearing a lot of attention grabbing gameplay features. Fully destructible cities and such would be huge. I don’t really care about giant maps with clusterfucky gameplay. Really missing the bad company 2/ battlefield 3 days.

  4. I have a NVIDIA 2070 super, with Intel core i7, is this good enough to run this game. Also will I be able to play with the 128 player count and big map. Would the game be laggy and can I run low, medium, or ultra setting.

  5. I hope we get the leveling system like BF3/BF4 where you can get better weapons or gadgets by level up with points / or at least kills.

  6. Gotta love paying full price for half a game.

    Also kind of tired of these "future wars". Maybe ww1 or ww2 has been overdone sure. But there's a great story that could be found in the Korean war, but battlefield and CoD both continuously skip over it..

  7. I REALLY hope they have changed the controls for planes and helicopters.
    They control like utter shite in the previous games.
    No matter what settings I changed I just couldn’t get the flying to feel right or comfortable.

  8. The bot idea seems a great thing,I'm bored of apex and playing BF1 at the minute and I get so lost and confused then die to battlefield pros sniping from Narnia,so having this relaxed setting to learn has made me hyped for this game…

  9. Horrible game,Bf V just other theme…they was use same game motor and you need atom factory how you want play with this s….
    Bf 1 graphic 1000x better and with 40 fps….90-100 fps…why dont they use bf1 game motor???

  10. Maria(Healing Class) is going to be the most polarizing class in the game, in my opinion. So what happens when you don’t want to be healed or revived. Unless you play with headphones, she’s not going to know. Or, get revive trapped.

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