Battlefield 2042 – Even More Things To Know

More information about Battlefield 2042, releasing in October, has come out and we’re digging further into specialists, vehicles, gear, guns, progress, and maps. 

Battlefield 2042 has now shown off a cinematic reveal trailer and gameplay. An E3 q&a session with developers answered a lot of…

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  1. The specialist thing is fine with me. People are complaint that “Everyone’s gonna looks the same” bruh have you played Battlefield?? You’re ALL the same grunts.

  2. More things to know… a 70 dollar price tag to play a new battle royale.. robot dogs with you guys clowned Cod for going into the future…after you pay the 70 dollar entrance fee DLC will not be free more than likely.. remember if you don’t like it don’t buy it.. the good ol bf5 slogan.. I can’t believe y’all are still all about this company even tho they shit on us every year.. over promise under deliver.. I’ll wait 3 months till it’s in the bargain bin just like BF5 lol

  3. If we don't get dropped into jurassic park and dont get to fight off dinosaurs while having to extract a vip or sumn ima be really disappointed

  4. no, we are not all about the specialists – they are just again a symptom of the zeitgeist, because every game has them. Is there any, any, gameplay reason why we have them? No. Especially since the previous installements, or even BF5 with some sort of customization, has much more reason to be there than specialists.

  5. It’s kinda the same system but they’re just gonna be introducing more specialists (classes) so instead of choosing out of 4, you’ll be able to choose out of a variety of different looking specialts(almost said dudes) which I think will add a lot more variety over time

  6. And now we know instead of 7 we getting 13 maps at launch plus whatever hazard zone is. And infinite game modes. Never before have we had this much content at launch, I'm so stoked

  7. Only problem I found with past battlefields was lack of progression. If I am using a gun I want many attachments to be available for it and take some time to unlock it all

  8. They need to add a specialist matchmaking, and a Class matchmaking. The specialist matchmaking would allow you to use special abilities as the characters and choose a class. While the class mode would only have the class you chose. Im worried that the specialist’s will bring down the game. Just like what happened to CoD. Where it went from shooting people to throwing a 9 bang, run in with a shield with a auto pistol in it, then you shoot.

  9. I wonder is there carrying the fallen players mechanic ? They mentioned before that bring it to BFV but they didn't. I don't want to revive my friends into middle of the battle, i want to carry them to save places, behind a cover draggingly. Because some medic wants to get only points, revive some of them for no reason and they die over over againg, this is stupid.

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