Back 4 Blood PvP Showcase | E3 2021

Developer Turtle Rock Studios, the minds behind Left 4 Dead and Evolve, are returning to their zombie roots with Back 4 Blood. In this showcase hosted by Naomi Kyle, the developers elaborate on the game’s Swarm mode — a round-based PvP mode where players swap between Cleaners and the Ridden…

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  1. The fact that they chose that 1 week mutation event that no one played as the main pvp mode instead of the campaign versus is baffling to me and the shitty music in the trailers…. Red flags all over.

  2. Looking ok


    1. Special infected are looking not-realistic (ssoooo much). They need redesign

    2. Melee combat is much more enjoyable in L4D2

    3. Hits on ordinary infected are less enjoyable than it was in L4D2
    4. Maybe i am not right but the game is looking very casual

  3. these are neat ideas stalker is jockey which is good longboy is a slow charger without the charge which honestly does not sound that great to play as. retch I assume will summon the horde but without vs campaign and only survival what's the point of buying time when you will get that time to revive again regardless of if you have horde slowdown or not so again really weak. and exploder any decent team won't just let him walk up and explode on them so timing your explosion is a task of insane patience. honestly I think most of the infected are gonna be weak and struggle a lot in versus.

  4. Was excited at first but why do developers always make their games "cartoonish" nowadays. Whats that red cringy glowing thing for example… realistic supernatural is what I like. Like L4D1, Far Cry Instincts etc. No glowing shit and coloured fight effects etc

  5. Bet the brute guy gonna be the worst ridden type in pvp don't matter how much health you give something in pvp if it is really immobile it will be bad also what is with the music choice its mk11 all over again

  6. I think the devs are hoping it will have the same impact that l4d done but i have high doubts for this game even though its done by the same devs who made l4d.

  7. My favorite part of Versus from other zombie games was the fact that each team had different goals. Yes, the zombies' main goal is to stop the humans by killing them, but the human team wasn't really concerned with how well they killed the player zombies, instead their goals were campaign/objective oriented, and only really culminated into more direct PvP at key survival points in a campaign as like a finale to the round.

    That was the magic for me. The teams were A-symmetrical not just in gameplay but in motivation.

    This doesn't look bad at all(!) if you listen to what the dev describes, it seems really fun. Gamers are fickle with expectations, so while I think this survival mode has the potential to bloom if people try it. The reality might be that not everyone is going to try it if they feel like their obvious expectations are being ignored.

  8. And you want ÂŁ60 for the standard edition. They said they will have PVP if they have copied the point a to b Stystem from L4D why not the PVP as it was perfect??

    Hmm might wait for reviews first not sold me anymore. Was disappointing seeing this arena mode

  9. Are we gonna have crosshairs in the game?? So far I haven't seen any. I know this is unfinished gameplay footage, but I want a crosshair like in L4D. edit: Imagine how much money Valve would have made if they had just green-lighted L4D3…

  10. “9 special infected” my ass its 3 specials with three subclasses for each one what stupid marketing the subclasses look so similar and barely looking unique

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