31 MORE Things You STILL Didn't Know In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Four years and two sequel trailers later, we’re back with another set of secrets that you probably don’t know about in Breath of the Wild. This time, we show some shield surf travelling tricks, some ways to cheese enemies, and what the DLC falling stars are actually made out of.

In the video…

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  1. It’s been a while since playing BOTW and I can’t remember how to hold a weapon like a Bokoblin Club out in front of you over a fire to light it on fire?

  2. lava is molten rock and carries metals in it that the rocks contained. Hence why the gorons are always mining, volcanic rich areas tend to be rich in metals too

  3. 6:04 I tried luring the lynel there to the water to use this trick but it's too far out of his range. he teleported away right as I approached the water 🙁

  4. Holy cow, the boomerangs one and the bonfire being heavier than wood is insane. Also the reset with the master sword. This is all so amazing

    Edit: I honestly can’t pick which one is the coolest, cause I didn’t know a single one

  5. Chuck a bird egg into the hot springs for a yummy snack

    Climb to the top of the deku tree in korok forest for a surprise

  6. Why do all these videos say it like we are all dumb, example, “things you Still didn’t know” or “things you missed”. How about saying it like, “things you might still not know or things you Might have missed.”.

  7. i love how well done these hitboxes are, so impressive. I love the one where the tree won't hit you because it's curved. ?❄

  8. The falling treasure chests being rocks first is just logical. Obviously they are small meteor rocks that contain a chest within. The rock part breaks when it hits the ground.

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