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Why Mass Effect Andromeda Is A Better Game Than You Think

With the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, everyone is getting to experience Bioware’s epic sci-fi saga. But what if you feel like you need more? Join GI as we tell you why Andromeda is a better game than you think by highlighting the…

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  1. I came into Andromeda with no previous experience with Mass Effect. My only expectation was that it'd be at the level of quality Inquisition established. For a couple weeks of play, I didn't even check in on how the internet was feeling about the game, but after awhile, I was just becoming more and more confused about why the game just felt so subpar compared to the high praise I read about other Mass Effects.
    All that to basically say, no, I don't think it's better than what I thought. Whether it was editing a video for it or waiting a couple years since first playing it, that thought hasn't changed

  2. I have never been more happy that I had selective amnesia so I can come back to Andromeda to play the game through for the 1st time AGAIN

  3. ROTFLOL!!! Andromeda was a hot garbage dumpster fire at release, and it still is today…….. From a totally forgettable crew, to a hopelessly forgettable storyline, and everything in between, just garbage.

  4. The game is not that bad, just don't start comparing it to the trilogy. And if they want ME4 to success they just need MEA combat, graphic and improve the nomad a bit then throw everything else and create the game with mass effect trilogy kind of story.

  5. ill give andromeda a second opportunity because i was waiting for mass effect 4 and its not, its a side story and that doesnt mean its a bad thing

  6. People who see this and like mass effect, help me out. Im brand new to the franchise and just finished Andromeda. (Played it blind to mass effect as a whole) and my god, best game ive ever played. Im now starting mass effect 1 because people say the og trilogy is better but… im not feeling it. Im not sure if its just mass effect 1 or the simple fact that its dated nowadays. Should i continue or should i get the legendary edition? Should i push through mass effect 1 and have high expectations for mass effect 2 or…?

  7. I like the game and always have, but as a mass effect game it was hard to wrap my mind around. You gotta just see it as a reboot or alternate reality and not related at all to the og.

    So much stuff just seemed to be handwaves away from weird lore issues. or just overly convenient. Example, we are trying to colonize a new galaxy and there is a massive terraforming network already there lol. Also it's hard to believe that a program like this wouldn't have an insanely independent vetting system to weed out dangerous people, but suddenly you have TWO factions of outlaws lol

  8. Eos was never that long. I literally spend 30 minutes there in the first mission reactivate the monolith put down the outpost and Im gone. Not sure wtf you are doing there lol

  9. i played and replay a lot da games and the mass effect trilogy back on my high school and currently i'm playing andromeda around ~30 hour, not great like the original trilogy but i love ryder personality, the tempest crew is still top notch of course…. and reyes definitely best character for me, also why the turian looks like they wearing a mask XD i don't get it at all

    also i really want them to continue this with ryder in the next game, i just love her/him

  10. I like how people try to say this game is horrible because it wasn't as good as the Shepard trilogy….hmmmm, MAYBE they would have gotten into more plot and choice consequences if there had been an Andromeda 2 and 3.
    IF you are going to compare it, it should only be compared to ME1; NOT the entire trilogy

  11. Andromeda is a good game and its not that much worse than Mass Effect trilogy, there definitely are flaws but a lot of them follow on from the trilogy itself. More so I think it did not push things forward enough, so what was ok before felt outdated. and it was front loaded MASSIVELY, which was a result of the compliated development cycle. ME3 though, was also very front loaded content wise just not as much so. The biggest major difference in quality I think is the villains. They are just not good villains in ME:A but ME OG has some of the best villains ever. The squamates were not so memorable either though I don't think they were bad. I actually enjoyed it a lot for the first half but then started feeling diminishing returns over the second half, and the experience did not stay with me as much since then.

  12. I think Mass Effect Andromeda was a phenomenal game. I think not only is it better than people give it credit for, I think it is even better than the original trilogy. And this comes from a die-hard fan who loves Mass Effect. The only thing that is really wrong with the game is that the main villain is extremely generic and boring, but the actual villains as an archetype and society and what they are doing is still pretty interesting even if the leader himself is completely lame.

  13. A Remake of ME Andromeda with additional Story made in Unreal Engine would be nice…and than import from ME3 and MEA into Mass Effect 5 (which seems to be programmend in UE like ME 1 to 3 before it) for a personal Play 😉

  14. The Andromeda story was never going to get a better than response than 'its okay, its no where near as good as the trilogy thought' and thats even if they nailed every story in Andromeda. The Reaper story was just too powerful to follow up so the next games had to not only take a break from it which in itself was a massive risk to take, but its also the only option they really had otherwise we would never have gotten away from the trilogy story.

    I recently went through the legendary edition and wow has it reawakened my love for the franchise, so much so that I now want to play Andromeda… finally. Gamers and the bugs put me right off since release, but now I need that Mass Effect universe quench. I tried the demo and like everyone I love how they improved the combat so much. Even for a 4 year old game it smashes the hell out the visuals of the legendary edition. So rather than going in with the mindset of this being the next best thing, I now understand its a whole new start.

    Also a lot of blame can be put on that fucking Frostbite engine. Even EA has finally woken up to the fact its just no good for massive games, and I heard they plan to use Unreal for the next Mass Effect game, but Dragon Age 4 will still be Frostbite run.

  15. If you love Sci Fi and you've already played the ME Trilogy, then Andromeda really is the next game you should play. It's a really fun game that didn't deserve the eye of the internet hate machine.

  16. Thank you so much for this interview. Why didn't we hear these ideas and points during the failed launch? I'm going to launch Andromeda tonight and give it a go on PS5.

  17. I started playing Andromeda recently and i am really enjoying it. It has issues sure but it is a very good game and it could have been great with a few more fixes and some solid single player DLC.

    I'm actually pretty disappointed we aren't getting a sequel to it cause there was so much potential for a whole Andromeda trilogy.

  18. To all who skipped this in 2017. This game is better now compared when it was released. There is little to no bugs when in battle and exploration. But NPC animations are still sometimes clunky and some of the 2ndary when you talk to them just move their mouth but movements are in default. Which take you off the immersion. Ex: When you talk to someone and the NPC's constantly move in loop like scanning something while his head is facing to you. :l

    For the party and main NPC's their Facial expressions was fixed and their eyes are much alive now.

    I only lasted back in 2017 for 5-6 hours because of the bugs and other shit they need to fix. Now 2021, I am 36 hrs in the game and it's tolerable to good. I can say I might finish this now.
    From my personal experience, Choose Scott, His face and voice is more convincing than Sarah. This game was made for him. I bet Sarah was an after thought. 2017 was when Gender politics was starting to arise.

    Lastly, you need to play this. Natalie Dormer is casted here as a Crew Doctor.

    Hoping this is not the last Mass Effect. I'll be even glad if the Ryders are back. 👌

  19. I think there are a few squadmates in this game that could go toe to toe with just about any squadmate from the original trilogy.

  20. I liked Andromeda when it first came out. I thought it was just insanely fun to play. I think people's main problem is that they simply wanted more of the same and this was a completely new story. Now years later, I'm playing it again on the Series X (those load times!) and i'm loving it even more. Detached from the expectations of the follow-up, I can honestly say that it's a great game.

  21. I think what put some folk off, myself included, was the apparent focus on the combat. The first thing you think to say about the game is -"it has hands down the best combat in the series". For a lot of ME players likemyself coming from the original trilogy I couldn't care less, ME1 clunky combat was fine for me, it was functional enough and got the job done, it wasn't what I was there for, that'd be characters, interactions, player choices, world building etc. So as soon as you highlight the combat as being the first thing you can think to say about it Im already checking out. I never played ME for its third person shooting, it made sense in ME3 that combat was to the forefront as it made sense in the narrative but I much prefer even then ME1 and 2 for having less focus on combat and more on player choice, characters and story. More combat in a ME game for me misses what made them great in the first place starting with ME1 where combat was there but not hugely important to its appeal.

  22. I think another reason why people hated Andromeda so much is that people were still angry about the way thr trilogy ended and they were hoping for some closure from the next Mass Effect game which never happened.

  23. This game sucked!!! No true mass effect fan liked it. Not sure what you smoked to make this game even remotely enjoyable. Game was full of bugs. It was so bad even bioware realized it and dropped all plans for dlc and a part two. If the next game released is of this caliber Im done with bioware. No Shepard no mass effect. Period

  24. I really like it. Got it after the patches. Wish people would have shut up so we could have gotten some dlc for it. EA should have stood behind it because the team did well. EA rushed the them but they still did well relative to the time they had. 18 months I heard which is crazy short.

  25. I think the thing about andromeda I least enjoyed was the removal of the tactical view and being limited to only three abilities at a time. The combat was nice and fluid, meaty and weighted and the freedom of movement was great though. Personally I just like to have a larger array continually at my disposal.

    The story was honestly quite serviceable, not the greatest we've seen, definitely not in the mass effect series but overall a solid 6,5 out of 10 if you ask me. I think what damaged the story the most is that it was mostly setup for a part two. Laying out the story elements like the origin of the builders and why they were driven away. Who are the kett and how many worlds have they assimilated. (Would they have cast Alice Krige as the kett leader???). It is obvious that they planned this game as part one of a series. Perhaps this would have been somewhat remedied with the planned DLC, but we all know how that turned out.

    For the rest, I enjoyed it even at launch. I might have been lucky but apart from one or two freezes it ran fine and looked fine. Some odd facial animations every now and then wasn't enough to hinder my enjoyment like it was for some for some reason.

    I was really hoping to explore other clusters in a sequel once the settling was complete, to unravel the big questions left after part one, about the builders and stuff. But I'm guessing that just like the DLC we'll never get to see anything andromeda related again. The lure and popularity of exaggerated meme-like bashing reviews as well as the people parroting their conclusions have made sure of that.

    I think it's kinda sad that ME:A will for always be part one of a trilogy that will never be completed.

  26. Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it. Andromeda had the better overarching story. I am a big fan of the original trilogy, but the story is hella one dimensional. There are parts of the universe like the geophage arc, that kind of explores some mature philosophical themes, and some parts of the geth/quarian war, but overall, it's a flat one dimensional, one layer story. Andromeda explores colonialism, post colonialism, nativism, how refugees are looked at, cultural exceptionalism. The original trilogy, Shepard and all his squad mates were these juggernaut zeitgeists that willed a conflict in their favor. Andromeda has fallible characters, that make mistakes, foolish optimists who get creamed but also in no small part rewarded for their optimism. The Characters grow throughout the span of the game, Ryder grows throughout the span of the game. And the end of the game, while is an accomplishment, still doesn't feel like a massive win, it feels just like we were able to just survive. The one and only thing I hated about the original trilogy was that the game got more and more cynical as it went along. I feel like Bioware conflated this cynicism with "being profound" or "deep" which reflected in the turd of an ending it gave us in ME3. Andromeda brought back a lot of that optimism for me, I finished the game feeling good, looking forward to the next challenge the initiative is going to face in this new home.

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