Why LMGs Usually Suck In COD & FPS Games

Light machine guns are a weapon category that constantly struggles for identity in multiplayer shooters like Call Of Duty, Battlefield, and standalone battle royale titles. We look at the iconic weapon type’s struggle with nerfs, buffs, and finding a purpose.  

Multiplayer shooters like…

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  1. Another issue is nobody gets suppressed in video games. You just jump around so you're harder to hit. Plus nobody's afraid to die so taking cover is not a requirement.

  2. As an LMG user (in games) for 2 years here are some tips
    1. Use attachments that reduce recoil, increase accuracy, range, penetration power and most importantly Magazine capacity and don't even try to intentionally increase mobility and use any perk(s) that replenishes Ammo and Grenades for longer lives, (E.G. Scavenger Pro from Black Ops 1) increase survivability for longer lives (E.G. Tactical Mask Pro from Black Ops 1) and help your target acquisition so you don't get sniped and have longer lives (E.G. High Alert from Call Of Duty: Mobile) And use any Grenades (usually Grenades) to help you in area denial (E.G. Nova gas from Black Ops 1)
    2. Go where your team is going you don't need coordination although a coordinated team helps a lot
    3. Get to the high ground and/or cover
    4. You got to aim down your sights
    5. When (not if but when) the enemy team floods in OPEN FIRE
    6. Enjoy your 1st place in the game leaderboards
    If you want more kills play objective game modes other than Team Deathmatch (E.G. Domination)
    The name of the game here is area denial and no other weapon is better at that other than explosives

  3. Lmg's only work in shooters that resemble real warfare. COD, Battlefield, and Battle Royal games aren't realistic shooters. There's no tactical skill in those games. That's why I only play Arma and squads.

  4. Not all fps games are part of the "sprint and aim down sights" genre. All of your criticism apply mostly to those games but not to FPSs in general

  5. I remember I was useing my lmg in the Halloween event in warzone as a solo In Quads and got the dub i also had an drum mag automatic shotgun I like to pack heavy it’s not about metas or enything like that it’s how you use the weapon and I got the drop on the last team and took em all out before they could react in short use what you like metas is for people who don’t have confidence In There own skill

  6. It should be obvious, LMGs should out-perform assault rifles when fired from prone or crouching but rifles perform better when used standing.

    Games seem extremely reluctant to do that even though its an expansion of the idea of ADS which is sacrificing movement speed for the increased power that comes from less spread.

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