Titanfall 2's 2021 Comeback

Respawn Entertainment decided to allow free access to Titanfall 2 from April 30th to May 3rd, and suddenly, new players abound have discovered the brilliance of Titanfall 2. So, after repeatedly being dealt a bad hand, this is why Titanfall 2’s resurgence is well deserved.

While Titanfall 2 was…

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  1. Anyone know if theres still people playing on Xbox? I have a series s and I despise battleroyale games so this instead of apex is waaay more in line with my style… Played TF2 on ps4 but would like to know if its alive on xbox to dload it. Thanks

  2. I started playing in 2018 and I've been updated about whats happening
    but kinda on and off
    Its nice to see it get the recognition it deserves.

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