The People Want Titanfall 3

Titanfall 3 is… not announced. But, we have plenty of ideas for what we’d love to see if Titanfall 3 were to ever happen, and as it turns out, so did you! In our last Titanfall 2 video, we asked you what you would want to see were a Titanfall 3 to ever happen, and here are some of our favorite…

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  1. I have an idea where you have different classes of titans from titanfall 2 but you can pick one of two wepons for every class and one of 2 cores like monarch cane have the brute rocket launcher from the campaign or the chaingun and either have the upgrade core or the burst core from the campaign also get rid of energy siphon and give monarch the vortex shield

  2. imagine if there were two battles in every match. the fight on the ground, then whenever one side loses they evac to a dropship and a space battle starts, with zero gravity and extra boost to jump between rocks and debris.

  3. theres a leak that in the credits of titanfall two his helmet on the desk goes in morse coke "jack" which means we might have bt still

  4. As soon as apex legend released it sealed off the titanfall Series since Apex legends bases the lore from titanfall and with blisk focusing in recruiting players from the apex gamed means titans are no more and BT would be years away from wherever jack cooper is

  5. Titanfall 1 and 2 lover and player and while I'd be all for customization of Titans but I do think it should be more or less cosmetic.
    The TF|2 Titan loadouts are all amazingly fun to play, the TF|1 Titans had the problem of there basically being a meta choice or personal loadout you'd set once and never really touch again.

    Also while yes the grapple is strong, making it baseline would be too much imo and many people would then default to Grapple and Stim if we got two ablilities or all had the grapple permanent.

  6. As someone who's been playing since TF|1 the thing I would really want is a Team Fortress 2/Counterstrike like server system. Community servers where we could do our own map etc. The game is based in Source and while no doubt source spaghetti will be a challenge, I think it would be doable and give the game basically infinite longevity.

    Seriously, if this was added to TF|2 it would've slapped even harder than it already does

  7. There's only a thousand different ways they can make Future games amazing with in depth customization missions online co op like wtf u had a slam dunk keep em coming could you imagine warzone but with hella Kool MECHS gimmmmmmmee

  8. I think its safe to say that regardless of how long its been or how much the community wants another game we want a good titanfall 3 prioritized over a fast one. Id rather wait 5 years and have the demands of this video met that have it release next year. dear god the thought of 5 more years of the same 6 maps in frontier defense.

  9. I enjoyed the video and agreed with most of the points BUT . . . As an Overwatch player and avid Titanfall 2 enjoyer, I'd rather simplify the maps, especially the competitive maps. I'm fine with moving stages in unranked matches, I even enjoy them in PvE environments. But, in a competitive environment, I already find that the very limited moving stages in Overwatch are more gimmicky and buggy than they're worth, and add a layer of RNG into the match that I find entirely unnecessary. Moving stages and other interesting clutter also represent a design philosophy that often complicates maps, adds unnecessary geometry for me to bonk my head on, makes wall running on that outer wall in Angel City extremely difficult, and usually results in all sorts of tiny little holes for placeable abilities to fall outside the map. Which is fine for me, placeable abilities are usually things like turrets and shields and I hate those things as well, but they're just unfun for everyone and occasionally allow for someone to drop a turret onto a completely inaccessible location, ruining other people's experience without any counterplay. Even, in extreme cases, allowing players to somehow make it outside the map, a case where I'm very certain you'll find every spitty/A-wall camper permanently set up shop, farming the rest of us peons from the safety of permanent hard cover that somehow he can shoot out of, but we can't shoot inside.

    TL;DR, simplify the maps or the spitty/A-wall camper will snipe everyone from inside the center tower on Angel City, even though it should be impossible to get there.

  10. 6:00 no, if you see games that were ruined by their community the first problem in shooters that you find is the competitive players, happends with r6 ( but they are not that toxic ), fortnite, LoL, Valorant etc. rankeds are the worst addition posible

  11. right now, all i want is for Titanfall 2's multiplayer to be playable. There are severe issues with online connectivity, server and matchmaking. Its impossible to get into a match that is not map hacked, that you are not disconnected from or whatever error the game throws at you. Respawn to dedicate a task force into making Titanfall 2 Multiplayer playable is more possible than Titanfall 3 which is unlikely to come any time soon. They're probably working on Jedi Fallen Order 2 and other games

  12. i want to play titanfall that's what i want. Do you know how heart breaking it is when you try to play titanfall 2 and spend an hour just trying to find a match and don't even find one all i want is just to play it man that's all i want to do i want to see this game alive again…

  13. Titanfall3 doesn't need any, just improve what already exists and above all improve the network of DDOS attacks to put an end to this instability in the connection to the servers. Here in Africa our distraction and how to spend our time in the best way is compromised.

  14. Titan fall games the best…hopefully they mix up part 1 n part 2 and we are able to make titan fall 3…more customisation more titans and better maps n better AI

  15. i think respawn did a bad decision on cancelling Titanfall 3, like the titanfall series is so good that even if titanfall 3 would cost 30-40 euros for standard i would buy it

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