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The Ascent – New Gameplay Today

The Ascent arrives on July 29. The Ascent is slated to land on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC, and is joining Xbox Game Pass. Join the Game Informer crew as they play through Neon Giant’s dystopian vision of the future on this episode of New…

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  1. Its like these guys dont have a clue what their talking about lol! Its more Diablo clone than twin stick shooter. But anyways, very excited fir this one. Been waiting on a decent cyberpunk style game, specially since Cyberpunk 2077 was such a catastrophic pile of shit. This reminds me of old Shadowrun, Genesis era.

  2. hope controls are reworked enough to rekeybind since i use less then half a keybored. and the last game i tried like this didnt work very well

  3. Game looks interesting but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD the guy playing it was utterly awful sorry to say it but it really ruined exprerience from the video… but looking forward to this

  4. This game looks beautiful. This is definitely going to be the game I’ll be playing to hold me over until I can get my hands on FC6, B4B, Halo, DL2, and Horizon 5

  5. I'm glad the option of up to four players is there, but it seems like it would be chaotic. Two players I can see happening due to the small level design.

  6. Holy shit, game looks amazing. Looks straight outta Necromunda.
    I got the game pass, just come out already so that I may dissect this goodlyness.

  7. So not like cyberpunk but that series ruined its credibility with last one so probably the last thing you want to compare your game too. Looks more like somewhere between Van Helsing & Diablo.

  8. One thing I notice, is that you can't shoot up stairwells. You still shoot in a horizontal level plane. It would be interesting if you could shoot enemies no matter what level they are on. Like if there was a button to lock onto the enemy above you slightly up the stairs

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