Surviving Resident Evil Village: Tips and Tricks

Resident Evil Village isn’t your average horror game. Managing your resources, knowing how to fight, and how to make money are all important to your survival. If you’re new to the genre, this is the survival guide for you.

In this video, veteran survival horror player and Resident Evil…

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  1. in the village you can lure the lycans to the blocked windows and when they jump on it, just stab them. they try it again over and over and you get a free kill with the knife. Also on PC its very easy to evade the sword zombies(?). when they start attacking just quickly turn around (easy with the mouse) and run a bit away and then turn back and stab them. I killed 5 of them with the knife in a row and didn't even get hit.

  2. I sold the early food I had. When the duke opened the kitchen, I really was disappointed in myself.

  3. RE4 tips: shoot the knees, then the head then run up n knife em to death rinse repeat.
    Always look at walls, ceilings, statues and above doorways.
    Flying enemies are weak to melee.
    Shoot all the birds you will get more money than a bullet costs.
    Everything is passable by running around it.
    Do not buy the shotgun at beginning or upgrade first pistol. You will find the former and get a better pistol later.
    RE8 tips: see the former

  4. This is definitely the easiest resident evil I've ever played. The enemies movement and attack are too slow. I mean cmon the molded enemy in re 7 is harder than dimitrescu fnal fight

  5. Since this is a resident evil game there is no doubt in my mind that the antagonist of the game; ‘Alcina Dimitrescu’ is going to turn into a demigod or a man-eater a 6 headed dragon or something of the sorts in the duration of this game. 😆😆😅

  6. To sum the video up make sure to aim for the head and if facing multiple ads just use ur pump shotgun And you’ll soon realize that the bosses in the game will nearly one tap u if u don’t move

  7. tip one,nplay on easy baby casual mode, step two play with keyboard and mouse if possible, step three collect kill and explore everything, step four try and fully upgrade at least one weapon before you finish a playthrough

  8. It's sad that new player will never build up their own skill in video games because they get lost and have to come on YouTube for walkthroughs or survival guides playing the early RE and silent hill games I'd be stuck for a month before figuring something out and felt rewarded when got it done

  9. That was a damn good informational video!! Thx man, this will definitely come in handy as I'm going foe Hardcore for first run! Great vid Kurt! And Thx 👊 also that was so good I subbed man ✌

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